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25 Jul 2017 | Filed under: Franchisee Profile

Transfer your business expertise and skills to build a successful Auditel Franchise

Paul Millican

Paul Millican joined the Auditel franchise network in 2013 after running his own successful cost management business for the past 10 years. He chose Auditel because he saw the opportunity to build on the skills he had already acquired to build a scalable and long-term business, whilst continuing to operate in the industry he was so passionate about.

Transfer your existing skills

Auditel gives you the opportunity to transfer your existing skills into a business that will grow with you and Paul was very quick to engage with the rest of the network in joint venturing. This proved to be the perfect strategy, enabling him to offer his existing clients an even broader service across the entire cost management spectrum. Within a very short time Paul had secured significant contracts for his business and by leveraging the skills of other members of the network, he was able to confidently agree to take on this new work.  Knowing he could rely on the expertise of the Auditel network to deliver for his clients, allowed Paul to free up time to focus more on business development.

The advantages of being backed by Auditel

Being a franchisee also has the advantage of being backed by Auditel’s strong brand presence and robust processes and practices, built over the last 23 years. Paul explains that for him, being an Auditel franchisee significantly increased his business growth opportunities, “I can now offer the whole market a full service and bring in experts from any sector from within our network and can confidently say yes to any enquiry.”

In 2014 Paul was awarded the Auditel ‘Team Builder of the Year’ as he was joint venturing with other members of the Auditel network, each offering their specialism to his clients.

The flexibility to build your own business

“Genuinely Auditel gives you the flexibility to build your business to whatever shape you want it to be so you can operate as a sole trader or as I have proven you can use it to grow through collaboration … hand on heart I would never have done this if I had been doing it on my own.”

Auditel franchisees work smarter and more efficiently to achieve their goals of increased flexibility and income. Auditel’s network of high calibre professionals have the choice to operate as a home-based business or to utilise the network and the business and analytical tools available, to grow a multi-fee earning, scalable business and become employers in their own right.








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