Cost Management

Geared for success

Examine business costs from every angle

Auditel cost and purchase management specialists provide outsourced cost and purchase management to UK organisations using a unique Total Cost of Purchase® approach. Every organisation – large or small – has to spend money on overheads such as communications, energy, water and sewerage, business consumables, insurance and finance to do business. Most organisations equate the cost of purchasing these overheads with the amount that appears on their invoice each month but this overlooks lots of hidden costs which push the real cost much higher.

Unlike traditional cost or expense reduction analysts Auditel consultants take a holistic approach to cost management consultancy that takes all of the direct and indirect costs of purchase into consideration. We don’t just make one-off savings and then move onto the next client but build valuable long-term client relationships.

Our Total Cost of Purchase® approach includes:

  • retrospective auditing
  • preparing initial benchmarks
  • implementing our recommendations
  • invoice-checking
  • troubleshooting
  • all of which would otherwise be hidden costs of purchase carried by our clients.

By outsourcing the management of business costs to Auditel, however, all these costs are eliminated and covered by the self-funding contingency fee. So, whether the economy is booming or in recession, Auditel consultants provide a very attractive, financially risk-free service which saves clients both money and valuable time.

Develop multiple income streams

Also, because we are looking at the total cost of purchase for our clients, the model enables us to offer a whole range of additional services that help our clients to manage their costs and our consultants to develop a range of income streams. Some of these additional services we can offer ourselves, for example energy and water efficiency audits, waste minimisation and management programmes and environmental compliance audits. Others we will outsource to vetted and trusted third party experts, for example insurance, foreign exchange services, rent and rates reviews, HR issues, mortgages and refinancing.

How does the TCOP® business model work?

tcop-logo3The success of Auditel’s TCoP® business model is based on the synergy of two potent elements: a network of specially trained, highly skilled cost management consultants and the Auditel Information System – a vast database of every project that we have ever worked on, packed with specialist industry knowledge and experience. This powerful combination equips us perfectly to tackle specific cost and purchase management issues holistically and, being independent, allows us to analyse overheads, find suitable suppliers, assess tenders and implement changes that reflect the best possible solutions for each individual client.