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21 Nov 2016 | Filed under: Getting started

The Auditel Franchise: Marketing support to help you grow your business

How will Auditel support me with marketing my business?


As part of starting any business, having a clear marketing strategy in place is crucial. One of the major advantages of investing in a franchise is that the franchisor provides support in this area. When investing in a franchise opportunity you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the franchisor and this will include marketing support. Support is provided, not just at launch, but throughout the lifetime of your business. Franchisors have tried and tested their marketing strategy and know exactly which methods work and are effective for your new business.

A recognised brand name

When you join a franchise you immediately have access to a well-known and established brand name which is already recognised by customers in your sector or industry. Establishing a name and a reputation can take years when starting up a business alone, one of the largest benefits cited by many franchisees when joining a franchise is the ability to step straight into the business and take on the systems and processes from day one.

In addition, marketing support is highly valued by many franchisees. Marketing a franchise effectively is crucial to the Auditel training programme. Throughout the duration of their franchise agreement, our franchisees have access to our Marketing Hub which acts as a central point of contact for franchisees for all marketing support. The Hub consists of two Auditel marketing support managers and a number of outsourced partners. The Hub manages the broader national strategy and marketing activity but it is also utilised by franchisees at a micro level for individual mentoring and guidance. For local marketing efforts to be successful, we acknowledge that the Auditel brand must be maximised nationally. Therefore, we run a centralised marketing plan, including PR, social media, reputation and brand management.

Custom website

Franchisees also build a local presence with a personal website tailored to them. Each franchisee receives a custom-built website optimised for maximum exposure. Easy to search for, user friendly and informative, a franchisee’s website integrates with our marketing campaigns to complete the framework for all local marketing.

Ongoing support

At Auditel, we recognise that in order to continue developing our franchise network as a whole and each of our franchisees’ individual business, we must continue to provide marketing support that goes above and beyond simply advertising our business and service.

“At Auditel, it’s extremely important to us to offer our franchisees the support they require for success. Many franchisors offer a basic level of support but we go above and beyond to help each and every franchisee become successful in their local areas. We recognise that many will not have previous marketing experience but we know how essential it is to running a business. Although we operate under a nationally recognised brand name, it is still important for our franchisees to market their businesses to their local communities,” explains Lesley Lunn, Marketing Manager at Auditel.

Network of franchisees

As a franchisee, not only will you benefit from the support provided by the team at Head Office, you will also benefit from having a network of franchisees around you who are all running the same business and striving to achieve the same goals. The Auditel network is made up of over 200 franchisees who come from various backgrounds and whose expertise you can call on at any time. Our franchisees regularly partner together on their projects in order to fill in skills gaps and offer clients a more comprehensive service.



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