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There are over 200 cost management consultants in the Auditel network all at varying stages of their careers. Some have just completed their initial training course, others are beginning to meet their first and second year targets and objectives whilst some of our more established franchisees earn six figure sums and are setting new goals and breaking new boundaries. Below are the case studies and testimonials from just a few of our franchisees.

Daryn, who’s based in East Anglia, has been an Auditel consultant since 2001 and has never regretted his decision to give up a top job with a US software company and buy an Auditel franchise. Daryn was an IT programme manager with BT when he was headhunted by a Colorado-based software giant to run its European operation but the glamour soon began to fade. Read on →

Chris enjoyed a very successful career in brand marketing before buying an Auditel franchise in 2004. Having taken the plunge, Chris wasted no time in getting his Auditel business up and running and now has over 30 clients across a wide span of industry sectors, including charities, care homes, engineering and business services. Read on →

Alan is an ex-Chartered Engineer with a first class honours degree in Computer Aided Engineering. Having spent nearly 20 years in the automotive industry however, both in the UK and Australia, by 2004 he was ready for a change and joined the Auditel ranks. Read on →

David is Auditel’s longest-established franchisee and in 2005 he reached the landmark achievement of invoicing his one millionth pound. Ten years earlier, however, it was a very different picture. David had been made redundant after many years in manufacturing General Management and was looking around for an alternative to the corporate world. Read on →

Security, more flexible working conditions and freedom from office and employment politics was the driving force for Gillian when she left her high-paid job in telecoms in 2003. Having spent 15 years building businesses for others and following two redundancies, she decided to develop a business of her own and secure her future through self employment. Read on →

Chris joined Auditel in 1998 and runs his business from his home based office in South East Wales. He has set himself a personal goal of achieving a billing figure of fifteen thousand pounds which Chris is now achieving. “Hard work, persistence and determination” are just a few of the qualities that Chris highlights as essential for someone considering an Auditel franchise as a method to successful self employment. Read on →

Gordon joined the Auditel network in September 2007 having spent many years in High Street retail banking. He’d already taken the plunge into self-employment as a consultant to the banking industry when he came to Auditel but ongoing work in this sector involved too much time away from home. Read on →

Mike Andrews trained in 2005 and now into his second franchise term with Auditel. Mike is meeting his targets and achieving his lifestyle ambitions. “I’ve always wanted to work for myself but was never comfortable with the idea of going it completely alone. I’ve got a good grounding in the general management of a business coupled with business development skills so I knew that if I could find the right franchise model, there would be no reason why I couldn’t succeed.” Read on →

Stephen joined the Auditel network in March 2011 following a career as a chartered accountant in KPMG’s Risk Advisory Department. He graduated from Manchester University with a 1st Class Honors degree in Management Studies. Read on →