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Mike Andrews

mikeMike Andrews trained in 2005 and now into his second franchise term with Auditel. Mike is meeting his targets and achieving his lifestyle ambitions.

“I’ve always wanted to work for myself but was never comfortable with the idea of going it completely alone. I’ve got a good grounding in the general management of a business coupled with business development skills so I knew that if I could find the right franchise model, there would be no reason why I couldn’t succeed. A couple of years prior to purchasing my Auditel franchise I explored the possibility of starting a food franchise with a friend, but it just wasn’t the right model for me so I kept looking until I found Auditel.“

Auditel Success Stories

Trafford Community Leisure Trust‘It has been a pleasant change to work with a company who has carried exactly what they promised when we first met. Not only have Auditel’s efforts saved me and others in the Trust a considerable amount of time, the money we have received in rebates and reduced
ongoing costs is being reinvested within the Trust. Auditel’s ongoing reviews are ensuring that new opportunities for saving are still being highlighted and any issues with current contracts are being resolved.’

John Matson, Area Manager

Total Savings to date: £47,100

One of the main reasons Mike dismissed the first business he considered was that it just didn’t offer him the work-life balance he wanted for him and his family. Auditel, on the other hand, did. “I got married three months after my initial Auditel training and it was really important to me that my new business afforded me a certain lifestyle as well as good income-earning potential. I’m not afraid of hard work but I did want more choice over when and how I worked. Having spoken to lots of Auditel consultants during my research I felt confident I’d found a franchise model with enough flexibility to accommodate this objective.”

Mike appreciated that the start-up phase of any new business was bound to be very intensive but he worked hard and has reaped the benefits. Mike put his core skill to good use, developing client relationships and partnering with other affiliates who are happier doing the research and analysis. In this manner Mike has built up his franchise and has now not only achieved his lifestyle goals but is well on his way to achieving his ambitious financial targets.

“I can’t believe that I am now half way through my initial franchise period and the majority of the goals I was setting, a little wishfully, in my first few days of training are actually being met. I initially joined Auditel to develop a better work/life balance for the future and the income goals were somewhat secondary, that being said I set some pretty ambitious targets which have predominantly all been achieved or are well on the way.

This is certainly, in no small amount, thanks to the excellent training and support provided in the early stages of my business. Listening to and following the guidance and training provided Auditel at each stage of my business has been key to ensuring the goals I set for my business were met.”