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23 Dec 2016 | Filed under: Getting started

Could franchising offer life outside the office?

escape from corporate life

A huge number of industries have begun franchising as a growth strategy over the last 25 years. Most franchise opportunities are associated with large retail brands, fast-food outlets and pet or child care businesses all focused on the franchisee selling to consumers. However in recent years, Business to Business (B2B) franchises have risen in popularity.

Escape from corporate life

You may not have thought about starting a franchise before but, for many, it can offer a welcome escape from the commute, long working hours and taking orders from someone else that so often come with being employed in the corporate world. Previously there have been few franchise opportunities suited to B2B business executives that allow them to transfer their existing skills into something which will help them to build a more flexible and satisfying future.

Many question why you need to join a franchise to be able to deliver services to other businesses but at Auditel, we have proven that a great system, strong brand, outstanding talent and effective marketing can help many to create a much more successful business that going it alone.

Why a B2B franchise?

Due to the nature of B2B franchise opportunities, they can often provide more flexibility and freedom than B2C franchise opportunities because premises, stock and staff are not needed. Franchisees are able to complete work for clients at any time they wish to fit around family life and personal commitments.

At Auditel, we see many directors and senior level managers who come to our Discovery Seminars who tell us that they are tired of treading water in the corporate world. Although they have reasonable salaries, they are still working long hours for someone else and not enjoying the rewards of their hard work.

Many of these same directors and managers join Auditel as they would rather be sitting on the fringe of the corporate world, with a similar or higher salary, working less hours AND from the comfort of their own home.

Franchising for executives

Franchising is one of the best options for those executives who have years of experience in their roles and are looking to put their skills to good use. Franchise opportunities provide a proven and established business model and a support system for those who have no previous experience in business ownership.

The beauty of the Auditel business model is that it lends itself perfectly to working from home. You won’t need to rent office space or employ admin staff. Apart from the Auditel business system all you need to get started is a desk, a computer, a phone, access to the internet and the determination to succeed.


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