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15 Feb 2017 | Filed under: Franchisee Profile, Getting started

Take Control of Your Destiny with Franchising

Working at home

Many of our franchisees tell us that they looked into starting a franchise because they wanted to take control of their future and do something for themselves. Investing in a franchise gives you the opportunity to benefit from a proven business model and enjoy a more secure future.

Why franchising?

Franchising provides many with the freedom to build a business that suits their personal and business goals and their lifestyle. Auditel franchisees enjoy working with a range of businesses in a range of sectors whilst calling on each other’s support in order to widen their reach and service even more customers.

On the surface, it may seem that starting a franchise could carry more risk than employment but Paul Foster, one of our franchisees, has found the opposite.

I feel more secure now that I’ve invested in my own franchise than I ever did in employment,” Paul Foster, Auditel Franchisee since 2011.

Paul Foster

Paul left the corporate world behind because he wanted something secure that he knew would allow him to continue developing his skills as well as learn new skills and enjoy the variety of the work.

Moving from employment

“As you get older, your job becomes more and more risky. I was working for large corporations who were making lots of people redundant and I just wanted to take control of my own future. I feel more secure now that I’ve started an Auditel franchise than I ever did in employment. Many people think that working for a large corporation gives you security but that’s just not the case anymore. With such a turbulent economy in the UK, many businesses are making redundancies so careers are no longer as secure as they were.”

“In employment, you can very easily fall into a specific sector or niche but, if the world changes, that niche can change or become completely irrelevant. Investing in a franchise has allowed me to eliminate this and, as part of the Auditel network, I can be sure that they will continue innovating so that our services and processes are always relevant.”

A better lifestyle

Not only has becoming part of the Auditel franchise helped Paul to utilise his existing skills in a new area of business, it’s also provided him with a better lifestyle. The Auditel franchise can be built in a number of ways to suit individual franchisees. Some franchisees choose to operate from home and work on joint ventures with other franchisees whilst others employ and build a team of staff around them. Whatever the individual goal, the Auditel franchise opportunity can be built to suit.

“My lifestyle has improved all round. I work from home so there’s no commute. I do work longer hours but that’s by choice! I can be around my family more often and be on-hand for help if it’s needed because I don’t have to travel all the way back from the office.”

The Auditel network

“For me, the biggest benefit of Auditel is that you have access to a whole network of franchisees with varying experience, knowledge and skills that you can call on at any time. Many people will look at Auditel and decide to become a consultant themselves rather than invest in a franchise but you would never have access to as much information as a one man band. You can joint venture with other franchisees to access more client work and benefit the network as a whole.”

“Auditel provide a framework and ongoing training and support that makes you feel enthused and drives your knowledge and learning. It’s refreshing to be constantly learning new skills. The great thing about the Auditel franchise is that you can build it in your own way as long as it fits with the framework and the success of the network as a whole.”



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