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10 Oct 2016 | Filed under: Franchisee Profile, Getting started

Using your existing skills to set up your own franchise business


Simon Gibson

Simon Gibson

Simon Gibson had previous experience in the catering industry and knew that he could use his skills and experience to set up his own Auditel franchise.

When starting a franchise business, it is important to consider the opportunities that best suit your existing skillset. Is there a franchise opportunity that will allow you to put your previous experience to good use? Although for many franchisors previous experience is not essential, it can be a major advantage for you and contribute to your success.

Catering Experience

Before joining Auditel, Simon had spent his entire working career in the catering industry. With experience with hotels and fast food outlets and then over 20 years as a Catering Officer in the Royal Air Force, Simon decided that he was ready for a new challenge and something that meant he wouldn’t be away from home for long periods of time.

He felt that owning a franchise would not only give him the new challenge he was looking for, it would also give him a chance to put his knowledge of the catering industry to good use and to help him build something for himself.

“I decided that I wanted buy a franchise because I didn’t want to start from scratch. Owning a franchise gave me some framework and a handrail that would help to springboard me forward.”

“In my previous career, although it was mainly focused around catering, I was also involved in contract negotiation, procurement and evaluation of suppliers too so I knew about cost management from that side of things. I didn’t have as much experience in sales as I thought I might need but that didn’t turn out to be a problem for me. I found that being part of the Auditel franchise is more about selling the Cost Management concept to clients. With an established model to follow, that wasn’t a problem for me at all.”

Using your skills at Auditel

By investing in an Auditel strategic cost management franchise you will not only be given all the on-going training, mentoring and support you need to tap into this opportunity, but will also be encouraged to put your existing skills and experience to good use. You will become part of the Auditel network which comprises over 200 like-minded professionals with whom you can combine your skills to upsell your services to prospective clients.

The collective knowledge and range of expertise in the Auditel network provides almost limitless opportunities for joint venturing.

“Now, as part of my franchise I work on catering projects for my clients but I also take on catering projects from other consultants in the Auditel network who are not able to actively work in the catering sector but can still make an income from it by asking me to work on the project with them. I spend quite a bit of time now speaking to potential catering suppliers to put agreements in place that other people in the Auditel network can utilise. In addition, I’ve become the Auditel catering specialist and have recently presented a series of roadshows to educate fellow Auditel franchisees on catering as a cost area.”

“In terms of cost management, catering can be quite different to other cost areas because food costs are very volatile in terms of their pricing and Chefs who like to try out different things. Compared to energy and telecoms which can be fairly consistent, catering is very much a reactive sector and knowing what to target and what not to target is key.”

“The Auditel franchise is quite a simple model but it’s highly effective. As franchisees we can provide services that businesses either don’t have the skills, market knowledge or time to do themselves. We can focus in on those areas for them and deliver more effective solutions as well as great sustainable cost savings for them and an income for us.”

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