Why Auditel? : Introduction

Geared for success

Investing in an Auditel Cost Management Franchise

We now have a network of over 200 highly skilled cost management specialists, providing our unique service across the UK to more than 3,200 organisations. If you are ambitious to start your own home-based executive business but want the security of a proven and established business model you should be investigating this exciting opportunity.

These are just some of the ways in which Auditel differs from other franchise opportunities.

Recession-proof consultancy franchise

All organisations, whatever their size, have to spend money on overheads such as energy, communications, insurance and business consumables to do business, whether the economy is booming or in recession. Managing these costs is always important but particularly in times of economic uncertainty and hard-pressed FDs and managers are under pressure to maintain and improve profitability.

Unlimited territory

Like most of our cost and purchase management specialists, you will probably want to build your client-base locally, however we believe that if you have contacts or leads further afield you should be allowed to pursue them. So, unlike most franchises, we won’t limit you to a geographical territory which means you can build the business you want wherever you’re based.

Huge market opportunity

Very few UK organisations have in-house resources dedicated to managing and controlling their overheads costs so they are often paying much more than they need to. Even companies that try to keep their costs under control will struggle to do a good job simply because they don’t have enough time to continually monitor the markets. However this is exactly the service Auditel cost and purchase management specialists provide, which means almost every organisation in the UK is a potential client.

Predictable cash flow

As an Auditel franchisee you will often earn 50% of the savings you make on cost reduction exercises for your clients for at least 3 years from the date you implement each saving. This means it’s very easy to calculate your minimum income for up to 3 years ahead, plan for future growth and avoid the ‘feast and famine’ cycle that many small businesses experience.

Research and development

As you’d expect from a forward-looking business we invest heavily, in terms of time and money, in making sure our franchisees are always at the cutting edge of their profession. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to broaden our portfolio of expertise and improve our client service, whether this means developing new training programmes, manuals and business tools or developing relationships with third party experts and educating suppliers to understand the needs of our clients.

Head Office Support

Our franchisee support team is over 20-strong. This means more than one team member for every six franchisees in the network which is one of the highest ratios in the industry. Our franchisees are the main asset in our business so it’s in our interest as well as yours to do everything we possibly can to help you be successful.