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Welcome to Auditel

Imagine a business whose services could be utilised by any organisation, in all economies, and can be completely self-funding and risk-free to clients.

Imagine being able to be part of a such a company where you can start and grow your own business as part of a network of 100 self-employed partners can work together, collaborating and sharing knowledge, skills and experience – assets and a talent pool that are virtually impossible to replicate.

Whether as an individual on a part-time or full-time basis, a partnership, or even as an existing business with complimentary services, you can become a ‘Member Firm’ of the Auditel Business Community, and achieve great success whilst really ‘Making a Difference‘.  The array of long-term benefits on offer is formidable, and you can shape them to fit perfectly for you.

Welcome to Auditel.

The Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company

Auditel support organisations in becoming verified carbon neutral in a measurable, meaningful and potentially self-funding way. 

Auditel’s heritage in procurement and cost management services has always been specialised in the energy sector, so with a depth of expertise in energy management, renewables and compliance, the evolution into carbon solutions is a natural development.

In procurement and cost management, Auditel deliver ‘best value’, saving client’s money, increasing profit, and making a tangible difference. The savings made can also fund the carbon solutions – carbon footprint reports, reduction programmes, offsetting and third-party verification and documentation.  Both BSI and NQA accredited, Auditel’s solutions are of the very highest standards.

Auditel can achieve for their clients incredible results that any business just cant achieve by themselves, even if they had the time, in doing so they create long-term income streams with flexible fee-earning methods including share of savings, retainer, fixed fee and day rate options.

A business built around franchise partner success

The Auditel Business Community has developed into a powerful network of over 100 ‘Member Firms’ delivering cost, procurement and carbon solutions.

Becuase they are not competing, and operate under a uniform structure through individual franchises businesses, Auditel’s partner network collaborate, sharing their knowledge and experience.  Auditel’s franchise business model is  award-winning, proven and successful, providing a high quality framework of training, support, tools and systems.

With Auditel, you can develop your business to suit your own goals and objectives:

  • Grow a business into a ‘Practice’ with staff, and potentially premises and realise a full business sale on exit.
  • Develop a full Auditel business but maintain the control and flexibility of a home-based business.
  • Run an Auditel business on a part-time basis, or as part of a portfolio career alongside other activities.
  • Compliment your existing business with complimentary services to Auditels, where you can introduce Auditel services into your existing clients whilst accessing the Auditel Community and client base.

Benefits of becoming an Auditel Partner

Auditel is an award-winning franchise opportunity ready to help you take the step into self-employment.

We have nearly 30 years’ experience helping people to start and grow their own successful business that meets or exceeds their objectives. We know how to approach organisations, win business, and deliver a great service to our clients. We will train and support you to develop your own business that will delight your clients and bring fantastic personal rewards for years to come.

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What are you looking for in starting a new business?

  • A business that thrives in all economies (yes, even a pandemic!)
  • Being a part of a collaborative franchise network so you can play to your strengths, and harness the strengths of others?
  • Scalability to grow a larger business (Practice) with staff if you wish to, where your business can ‘work for you’?
  • Work flexibly from home, no need for premises?
  • No ceiling on what you can earn, with scope to earn a significant £250k+ annual income?
  • A business with low running costs, and high profitability?
  • Flexibility to run your business part-time or full-time?
  • Being away from corporate politics, work travel and wasted time?

If the above sound appealing, then start your Auditel exploration today, and complete the enquiry form to access more information.


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