10 reasons why now is the perfect time to start an Auditel Business

Rising costs, greater focus around sustainability and other reasons that make now a great time to join Auditel

There are many good reasons why now is the ideal time to become a Member Firm / Partner of the Auditel Business Community, so here’s just ten to start with:

Faster Starts

New Auditel Partners today are seeing faster client acquisition, project undertaking and receipted income than in the past.  The reason for this is partly down to Auditel’s carbon solutions projects being quicker to sign, start, finish and earn from than procurement projects in the majority of cases. Often a fixed fee or monthly retainer fee, this differs from procurement and cost management which might be on ‘share of savings’ basis, which can be very lucrative but takes longer to start earning.

There are lots of factors that will influence speed of start-up but there is no doubt that the ability to gain clients and start earning has never been as quick as it is now.  This is something you’ll be able to explore in detail as you explore the Auditel opportunity but it’s possible to get complete return on investment within one year, and have multiple long-term revenue streams that stack up enabling you to reach your desired income level in a shorter time frame than ever before. 

Rising Costs Hurting Businesses

We all know that this winter that the ‘cost of living’ has significantly risen and these costs are also hitting businesses hard.  Whilst wholesale energy prices are falling now, energy caps have meant that despite big increases, the prices we could have been paying would have been much more.  Government support for businesses is being reduced and so for many it means additional increases in overheads at a time where revenues may also have fallen.

Staffing costs have been rising too, and with a shortage of staff in some sectors, it means rapidly rising wage increases to attract and retain good staff.  Inflation is still going up, albeit not as much, and so all of this adds up to a challenging time for businesses.

All the more reason for organisations to engage an Auditel Consultant who can help them to reduce costs, improve processes and support in reducing and managing carbon emissions in a wide range of ways from renewable energy solutions to saving costs and improving value across the purchase supplier base.

Doing The Right Thing

Sustainability is a key part of business decision making of which carbon measurement and reduction is just one component.  It’s increasingly common to see references to carbon measurement and reduction, carbon neutrality or ‘Net Zero’ commitment statements.  Of course, ‘doing the right thing’ is the narrative behind this but there are far more drivers behind why organisations are looking to start their ‘carbon journey’ – from client pressures to gaining competitive advantage.

In any case the growth of organisations looking to take positive action on carbon management is rising rapidly, and Auditel is perfectly placed to capture clients.  You can make a difference and support these businesses in carbon solutions, thanks to the amazing network of experts working together.  Now is the perfect time to ride the wave of demand in a high, long-term industry.

Employment Instability

Uncertainties of recent years have led to candidate shortages in some sectors and this, along with inflation, has driven higher salaries.  However, there are signs of a growing ‘back to work’ restructuring with more office-based roles with less flexibility, and also restructuring in some sectors leading to recent job losses being announced.  Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Tesco and Salesforce amongst some of the bigger firms announcing large-scale headcount reduction recently.

Many people are currently preferring to take up self-employment rather than remain in the corporate world, especially when they know the threat of redundancy is always looming. With the pressure on businesses to reduce costs and manage carbon means receptiveness for Auditel’s services is very high and the desire to create a successful business and do good for the planet makes Auditel especially appealing.

Flexible Business Models As Low As £20k

Previously, the standard ‘Auditel franchise’ was in the vicinity of £40,000 but now the Associate Partner Business model at just £20,000 gives a lower risk route to starting an Auditel business, without limitation on growth.  As your business develops, it will become financially beneficial in the long-term to upgrade to the Full Partner Business and enjoy the full range of benefits that an Auditel Business offers.

With three different business models to suit varying circumstances, an Auditel business can be run part-time or full-time, part of a business or career portfolio, and can enable you to play to your strengths by working collaboratively with your fellow Auditel Partners. Start exploring Auditel today.

Potential For 100% Funding

Banks such as Natwest will provide 75% of your total start-up cost requirement through a small business loan. An alternative option is a personal loan through the British Business Bank where you can borrow up to £25,000.  Auditel would look to create a business plan with you to ensure that your financial position for the start-up phase is suitable and that your business is appropriately funded.

It’s possible to cover the initial fee for the Associate Partner Business plus the VAT (which is reclaimable and provides a handy boost to working capital) and on that basis the business can potentially be 100% funded in this way.

Huge Demand

Not just ‘huge demand’ but ‘huge, growing long-term demand’!  There will always be a need for cost management and procurement improvements, as it’s a process where ‘the goalposts are constantly moving’ both within a business and the supply sectors externally, so this is one reason Auditel have always had very long-term relationships with their clients – they need our support ongoing.

Then throw in the Carbon Solutions sector and the basis that reducing carbon emissions and energy transition are simply part of what every business needs to be looking at on an ongoing basis and the scope for opportunity is immense.  Auditel can also work with clients that are much smaller for effective carbon solutions projects, compared to procurement, and this opens up masses of potential clients that are not being approached by other organisations that tend to deal only with large clients.

One of the reasons why the Auditel Partner Business options are so popular right now is that people can simply recognise the massive demand that exists but also that Auditel has the expertise, knowledge, credibility, training, marketing resources and support to help you to achieve the success you desire.

Proven And Successful

A 30-year proven business and a leadership team with over 200 years’ experience franchisor is the base for considerable intellectual property that you get to benefit from when you join Auditel.  The initial 4-week induction programme covers all aspects of the business but you are fully handheld through client acquisition and management, project work and every other aspect of the business.  The key to success is two-fold: Follow the system, and work hard!

This is a partnership in which we want your business to succeed every bit as much as you do, so with our resources and support you can build the business you’ve been looking for, and generating a wide range of benefits such as a better work/life balance, more control and flexibility, the scope to earn in excess of £200k per year, make a difference to clients, gain pride, recognition and respect, and make a positive difference to the planet!

We Help You To Generate Clients

Auditel provide a massive array of marketing materials, resources and infrastructure to help you build you business to suit the objectives you have.  We work with you to personalise your marketing plan, and to target the types of clients you want to work with.  We will hand-hold you on your initial appointments and help you win those all-important first clients.

With the potential that you can get return on investment from one client alone, your Auditel business can generate a six-figure income from as little as half a dozen clients.  Today, new Auditel Partners are signing their first clients faster than ever, and earning income quicker than ever before.

…..so there we have it, ten reasons why you should be considering starting an Auditel Partner Business right now, so what are you waiting for?  Start exploring today, speak to Nick Tubb by scheduling a call or email nick.tubb@auditel.co.uk

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