10 ways that Auditel Affiliates are supporting clients affected by Coronavirus

10 Ways that Auditel Affiliates are supporting clients following UK restrictions announced due to the Covid-19 pandemic

The current Covid-19 outbreak has had a sudden and unprecedented impact on businesses, with the temporary ‘lock down’ restrictions placing a huge economic strain on almost everyone.

UK organisations in most sectors are affected, with some sectors being temporarily paralysed altogether.  Auditel affiliates are offering procurement and supply chain support to our clients and prospective clients throughout these challenging times.  Here are 10 ways that Auditel are able to help in this tough moment:

  1. Advising of grants and financial supports. Not just the main government finance initiatives but also more specific and less well-known financial support, for example, where premises have been temporarily closed, that standing charges such as for water and gas, can be waived.
  2. Identifying fixes to any immediate supply chain issues, through swift identification and introduction of alternative suppliers.
  3. Leveraging Auditel’s ‘finger on the pulse’ to act on changes in rapidly changing markets. g. the current ultra-low oil prices mean it is a very good time to fix energy prices where possible.
  4. Advising engineering clients who may be working on solutions for the NHS where they can claim R&D Tax Credits for such work.
  5. Helping clients to be able to attain secondary supply channels in high-demand items like janitorial supplies, electronics where existing suppliers may not have stock.
  6. Auditel have produced a ‘Smarter Spending’ flyer that is being distributed to clients, giving advice and tips for making immediate savings in a wide range of common business cost areas.
  7. Auditel have provided clients with an ‘Accelerated Remote Working’ document, outlining the requirements to get a sizable work force all operational from home, and how Auditel can assist with the set up such projects and acquisition of required items quickly.
  8. Preparing businesses for ‘recovery’. Auditel are extremely well-placed to support organisations with both supply chain fixes and solutions to make more robust in future, as well as all procurement solutions.
  9. Digital Transformation. For many businesses, the current situation has enforced action which in turn leads into business process improvement.  Utilising technology to make businesses more agile and efficient or reducing unnecessary costs through replacing manual ‘paper-based’ processes are all solutions that Auditel can support.
  1. We have also produced a white paper on helping organisations put in place Business Continuity Plans with a 4 Point Action check list with an offer of help to sense check what they already have in place.

To see more about Auditel’s services, see https://www.auditel.co.uk/news or visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/auditel-uk-limited/ .  Auditel are set to make a big positive difference to UK organisations over the years ahead.  To become part of the Auditel network and build your own business find out more about the Auditel Franchise today at https://auditelfranchise.co.uk/contact-us/ or if you have already made an enquiry, log in to the Auditel Franchise Portal at https://portal.auditelfranchise.co.uk/ .


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