About Auditel : Introduction

About Auditel

The UK’s leading network of Cost Management Consultants

Auditel is the UK and Ireland’s leading network of independent cost management consultants. We pioneered our service back in 1994 when the energy and communications markets we deregulated and UK business were suddenly faced with a myriad of suppliers and pricing structures to choose from.

Initially we specialised in these deregulated markets acting as outsourced members of our clients’ management teams to help them make informed decision and manage their overhead expenditure. Over the intervening 20 years our portfolio of expertise has grown to include other areas such as water, waste, business consumables, HR, premises overheads, finance, and insurance. We began franchising our unique business system in 1997 and now have over 200 consultants and over 3,000 clients across the UK.

The British Franchise Association

bfa2The BFA is the official trade body responsible for setting ethical standards in franchising. Its website, www.thebfa.org, offers a wealth of information and advice for potential franchisees. There are three different levels of membership depending on how long a franchise has been operating in the UK:

  • Full membership
  • Associate membership
  • Provisional membership

It isn’t compulsory to join the BFA and there are many good franchises that are not members. However, if the company you are investigating is not a member, you should ask them why. Auditel obtained full membership in 1998.