Auditel’s Evolution

Founded in 1994, Auditel was born out of the privatisation of the utilities and telecoms markets in the early 1990’s, supporting businesses in identifying and moving suppliers to save money, year on year.

The Auditel franchise model was launched in 1997, and grew quickly supporting franchise partners to deliver a growing array of cost management solutions to clients. Over the years, Auditel expanded its operations with its diverse depth of network talent to offer solutions across all areas of expenditure through procurement and cost management, but with particular focus on the energy sector.

With great depth of expertise, in recent years, Auditel has developed it’s carbon solutions model which in today’s world has become the primary lead into new clients, but going hand in hand with procurement and cost management solutions too.

Today, the Auditel Business Community has a network of around 100 ‘Member Firms’ or ‘Partners’, who operate their businesses under a franchise format.  Some of whom have run their Auditel businesses for over twenty years, and many more who have long-since retired. Auditel is recognised as one of the most successful franchise operations in the UK, and a leader in white collar franchising, even though today, Auditel is growing it’s network using greater diversity and is less reliant on the traditional ‘franchise’ industry.

The leadership and head office support team have over 200 years of experience supporting people into self-employment between them.  Under the co-ownership of Directors Chris Aston and Rob Allison, now is the perfect time to become an Auditel Business Partner, and benefit from Auditel’s growing solutions and success.  With business models that can suit individuals on a full-time or part-time basis, partnerships or even existing businesses who offer complimetary services, find out more today about joining Auditel.

Our Vision

“Auditel has come a long way in nearly thirty years, but the next decade will be one of the most exciting and opportune for our franchise partners. The pandemic has impacted on UK businesses significantly, forcing transformation in supply chain, procurement but where businesses do not have the resource, knowledge or expertise to achieve best value. When climate change is factored into business decision making, it adds uncertainty and confusion, but taking action on carbon management is not optional. Auditel can help in all these matters, and I’m incredibly excited about Auditel’s role in supporting businesses with long-term solutions.

For our network, I truly believe that there has never been a better time to be an Auditel partner, and with our dedicated and committed head office team, we are determined to help all our franchise partners to achieve their goals. The opportunity is ripe to do so, and through our ongoing hard work, innovation and talent, we can all succeed together. For all within the Auditel family, to achieve both commercially and personally, whilst impacting positively on the planet, and making a tangible difference to our clients, is something we can all be very proud of.”

– Chris Aston, Managing Director

Auditel co-owner and Managing Director,Chris Aston

Meet the Team

Chris Aston
Managing Director

Chris was appointed in 2018 following a previous involvement twenty years earlier.  A marketing specialist, Chris’s leadership and drive led to his appointment as MD in 2019.

Rob Allison
Carbon Solution Director

A hugely experienced business leader and director, with over twenty years’ director-level experience in the expense reduction sector alone, now focussed on innovation in Carbon.

Fiona Steels
Director of Network Support

Fiona has extensive commercial and self-employment business experience and nearly 15 years in the franchise sector. Fiona leads the Auditel support team with great care and focus.


Nick Tubb
Head of Partner Recruitment

Nick started his career with Auditel back in 2000 before running his own business in franchise marketing and consultancy, he re-joined in 2019 to lead a new era of growth.


Chris Barrett
Area Leader, Energy

Chris combines his role as a franchise partner with being the Business Cost Area Leader (BCAL) for Energy, following an extensive career in the Energy sector.


Mark Miller
Carbon Solutions Trainer

Mark has

Antony May
Technical Trainer

Antony joined Auditel in 2004 and with great expertise in Business Systems has supported both head office and franchise partners in technical development and training.

Graeme McKinnon
Sales Trainer

Graeme holds extensive experience in director roles in franchising and now balances his sales training for new Auditel franchise partners with leadership consultancy.

Heather Hancock
Office Manager

With over a decade’s experience within Auditel, Heather is a meticulous organiser and ensures all Auditel’s events, training, workshops and network support runs smoothly.

Derek Chisnall
Commercial and Legal Manager

Derek has been pivotal in Auditel’s development for over twenty years.  His commercial legal experience ensures that Auditel have robust and extensive agreements, tools and templates.

Sam Taite
Chief Financial Officer

ACCA qualified, with over 25 years’ experience, Sam provides financial cbusiness support and ensures Auditel’s financial management function is well managed.

David Bell
Website and IT Manager

David has extensive experience in IT systems, photography and video production and website design and management, and provides key support across Auditel’s online and social media presence.

Nicola Pearson
Recruitment & Marketing Support

Kelly Wilcox
Graphic Designer

Lucy Archer
PR & Content

Liz Thorne
Office Administration

Auditel’s Ethos

At Auditel, we believe it is our moral responsibility to help our clients make wise and ethical purchasing decisions when procuring goods and services. Rather than depleting the worlds’ resources we research ways to help people make decisions designed to be restorative and regenerative.

We help our clients to transform their work processes automating low value work through new technologies releasing employees to do more rewarding high value work.

Our footprint on this world should be imperceptible, our impact on peoples’ hearts and mind should secure a better future for all those we have the privilege of serving. Our philosophy is to tread lightly in this world.

How we procure goods and services reveals our true personalities whether personal or corporate. This world is not ours; we have a fleeting tenancy. May our mission in life be to hand it over to the next generation protected from the ravages of our consumptive wasteful lifestyles.

What are you looking for in starting a new business?

  • A business that thrives in all economies (yes, even a pandemic!)
  • Work flexibly from home, no need for premises?
  • Being a part of a collaborative franchise network so you can play to your strengths, and harness the strengths of others?
  • Scalability to grow a larger business with staff, if you wish to?
  • No ceiling on what you can earn, with scope to earn a significant six-figure annual income?
  • A business with low running costs, and high profitability?
  • Flexibility to choose how you work with and for?
  • Being away from corporate politics, work travel and wasted time?

If the above sound appealing, then Auditel could be the franchise for you, so start your exploration today, and complete the enquiry form.


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