Auditel, a franchise with sustainability at its core

Chris Allison, Founder and Executive Chairman highlights key ethical and environmental factors that have shaped Auditel’s development since 1994.  He explores how sustainability is at the heart of Auditel’s ethos and services on which you can successfully build your business today, whilst thinking about the world of tomorrow.

Chris Allison, Auditel Founder & Executive ChairmanTimes of enforced isolation through successive lockdowns and remote working has meant our business landscape has changed for good and to a large extent this enforced pause in ‘business as usual’ has meant everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, has been re-evaluating what is important in the lives.  Perhaps you are at this point in your life right now and this is why you are looking at Auditel as your next potential career move? I would like to personally invite you to explore whether we are the right business to help you achieve your life’s ambitions and see whether our business culture chimes with your own values.

As franchisor, it is our goal to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives helping them realise their true potential.  In turn, through successful delivery of our services to our clients we are helping these businesses embrace good business stewardship for the greater good of humanity and our planet.

Our values not have not only helped us build a network of motivated, like-minded people over the last 27 years but also make the world a better place, safeguarding our planet and leaving a better world for future generations.  We celebrate each person’s uniqueness and help them play the role in life they were built for. We provide a meticulously designed and delivered training, support and mentoring programme to assist franchise partners every step of the way.

Total Cost of Purchase WhitePaperWe are a counter-cultural organisation who does not subscribe to the world’s fast paced consumerist culture which maximises shareholder value at the expense of others.  Our ethos and our methodology “Total Cost of Purchase” looks at the “real cost” not only in financial terms but the implication our actions have on our world and its’ communities, helping us and our clients become stewards of the future of humanity, ethically obligated to act responsibly in our personal and business dealings with others.

We believe it is our moral responsibility to help our clients to make wise and ethical purchasing decisions when procuring goods and services. Rather than depleting the worlds’ resources we research ways to help people make decisions designed to be restorative and regenerative.

One way of achieving this is through the circular economy, a system that aims to design out pollution and waste outputs, to keep reusing products and materials and regenerate natural systems. This approach completely changes traditional industrial processes.

Constant innovation of our business model has helped us not only survive huge change since we started the business in the mid-1990’s but thrive over the decades since. The business landscape has changed seismically due to the fourth industrial revolution primarily driven by digital transformation.  For example, we help our clients to transform their work processes automating low value work through new technologies releasing employees to do more rewarding high value work.

Through our services and solutions we can help other businesses to balance commercial success with environmental impact and sustainability.  Our footprint on this world should be imperceptible, our impact on peoples’ hearts and minds should secure a better future for all those we have the privilege of serving. Our philosophy is to tread lightly in this world.

Once you have been guided through our selection process by our very experienced team, I would be happy to explain to you more of where we see the future for Auditel. In these challenging times our services have never been more in demand and I sincerely believe Auditel’s best years for growth will be in this decade.

To find out more please engage with Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment, by arranging a call  or emailing

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