Auditel adapt to virus lockdown restrictions

Auditel has adapted in response to Covid-19

At Auditel, we have always valued openness and take pride in inviting prospective franchisees to our Winchester Head Office where they can see our set-up but also meet several key personnel covering key areas of the franchise model such as training, supporting, marketing and client acquisition. 

Whilst the current restrictions mean that this is not possible, Auditel has adapted to ensure it can fully advise prospective franchisees and train and support new franchise affiliates.

As part of the franchise research process it is a valuable step for you to meet the business owner and directors too as this is extremely important for you to know that the people you are considering working in partnership with for the next 5-10+ years are people that you both like and get along with.  Equally, these individuals form part of our recruitment selection process along with feedback from franchisees that you speak with to help ensure that if you join the Auditel network, it is the right decision for all parties.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created challenging circumstances in the short-term, but with people recognising the role that Auditel affiliates can provide in helping support UK organisations over the difficult months and years ahead with services that can have vital impact to helping companies to both survive and grow there is considerable ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Consequently, Auditel is currently generating significant new enquiry from senior management and director-level individuals recognising and exploring the Auditel business model to be in a position to join the network and commence training once the current ‘lockdown’ restrictions start to be lifted.

To support franchise research, we have adapted the recruitment process so that the research can be undertaken through:

  • Research via the Auditel Franchise Candidate Portal
  • Initial Telephone Discussions
  • Online meetings involving video chats, screen sharing and demonstrations
  • Telephone discussions with Directors and Affiliates
  • Business and Marketing Planning through online meetings

Furthermore, the induction training has been adapted for remote learning through a series of online conferences, videos, and workshop sessions.  These are split into morning group workshops and afternoon supporting exercises each day.  This enables new affiliates to be in a position to approach and develop new clients that need Auditel’s experience and expertise to help them reduce costs and achieve best value through their supply chains.

For the existing network, a regular schedule of regional video meetings are already running as the whole organisation comes together to deal with these exceptional conditions.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19, at the right moment in the weeks to come, the UK will start moving forward once again, and when it does a long-term significant opportunity opens for Auditel franchise business owners.  Putting the emotion of this terrible virus aside, commercially, now is the time to explore Auditel to be ready to make a positive difference and build a successful business into the future.  Log into the Portal now, or schedule a call with Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment or email

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