Auditel Associate Franchise price change in 2021

Auditel’s pioneering ‘Associate Franchise’ that has been developed over the past two years and is now firmly established as another excellent route in Auditel alongside the full franchise, will be subject to a change of initial investment starting 1st January 2021 as the ‘introductory rate’ period comes to an end.

The Associate Franchise offers an alternative option to Auditel’s Full Franchise with greater flexibility for those who may have particular circumstances such as:

  • People who already have an existing Consultancy business that would like to benefit from introducing Auditel’s broader services into their clients whilst also being able to offer their own specialisations and expertise to the wider Auditel network.
  • People who have an existing business where they may have clients that would benefit from Auditel services (Accountants, Financial Services, Business Coaches etc) and who wouldn’t wish to stop these activities in order to develop a Full Franchise with Auditel.
  • Those who have part-time existing commitments such as NED roles or portfolio careers where they have some time availability to develop an Auditel business alongside these existing activities, maintaining existing income streams whilst developing their Auditel business.
  • Those who are more client acquisition and management focussed that can use the Associate Franchise as a stepping stone and may upgrade to the Full Franchise once the business has developed sufficiently.

The Full Franchise option would still be the most suitable option for the majority of people, especially those who are coming out of employment roles.  The Associate Franchise offers the same full training and support though there are key differences, that can be explained through discussion.

Since launching, the Associate Franchise has been offered at a subsidised price of just £19,950+VAT, and now that it has been successfully developed will revert to it’s originally intended investment level of £26,950+VAT, which remains some £13,000 less than the Full Franchise.  The Full Franchise remains unchanged at £39,950+VAT.  Both models enable franchisees to earn in excess of £100,000 per year once established with low overheads, great flexibility, control and intellectual challenge, whilst making a real difference to clients.

For people who are currently considering the Auditel opportunity through our Associate Franchise Model, the franchise can be attained for the current £19,950+VAT if you pick up with your exploration at present.  If you believe your timeframe to be able to get started may be a little further ahead, you can apply for extension which can hold the existing price for you for an agreed period.  Find out more today and take advantage of the Auditel Associate Franchise at it’s Introductory Rate, whilst its still available.

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