Auditel celebrates 25th anniversary

Auditel 25-year anniversary

Auditel, one of the UK’s leading business to business franchises boasting a 100-strong franchisee network, is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Founded in 1994 as the UK utilities markets were being deregulated, founder Chris Allison saw not only the initial opportunity to help British businesses to save money in these ‘essential services’ cost areas, but the broader scope to aid organisations in achieving ‘best value’ in procurement generally.  Over the past twenty-five years Auditel has helped over 3000 UK clients in over 100 different spend areas to streamline costs and boost profits.  Today, Auditel is the leading specialist procurement and supply-chain management consultancy in the UK.

Chris Allison AuditelIt’s a time for celebration for our team,” says Auditel’s MD and Founder, Chris Allison. “We’re incredibly proud that, over the last 25 years, we have helped to change the face of procurement for the benefit of every UK corporation as well as enabled over 100 ambitions professionals, from all walks of life, to take control of their own futures and build a successful business.”

By operating as a franchise structure attracting high-calibre individuals, the Auditel network has a rich tapestry of backgrounds with an in-depth understanding of wide-ranging business sectors and industries.  Each new Auditel franchisee that becomes part of the network adds to the talent pool and ensures that Auditel clients benefit from a level of industry, pricing and supplier knowledge that they simply couldn’t replicate themselves across all areas of expenditure.

The speed of change today though means that organisations face more challenges than ever, and Chris explains how this provides more opportunities for Auditel.

When we started 25 years ago, most businesses were not even using the internet or email. We have always been early adopters of technology, having our first intranet site back in 1995.  Our business is rooted in sharing knowledge and linking a nationwide network of professionals who can work in project teams to deliver services to their clients. Auditel has continually innovated its business model to broaden the scope of expertise over the last two and half decades. This has not only allowed us to provide cost management advice, but also allowed us to advise clients on how to future proof their businesses.”

Pizza ExpressAs Auditel celebrates its 25th anniversary, it can even boast that some of its longest standing franchisees remain in the network, though many have happily retired also.  One such franchisee, David Lowe, who joined Auditel back in 1996 has been working with Pizza Express as an Auditel client for the best part of two decades, helping them achieve savings of around £4m over that time!

What will the next 25 years hold for Auditel?  One fact for certain is that all organisations will be spending money, and so the opportunity to help them to achieve ‘best value’ will always exist.  Furthermore, as we are now in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Auditel always keeps itself ‘ahead of the curve’ to enable it’s franchisee affiliates to be able to guide their clients through digital and business transformation to ensure they are equipped for the future too.  There is so much outstanding opportunity in the UK right now, so the opportunity for new Auditel affiliates has never been greater.

If you are interested in exploring an award-winning franchise that is truly ‘proven’ then Auditel could be the ideal business for you.  Find out more by emailing or calling 01962 893067 to find out more or click here to receive a free prospectus and further information through email.

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