Auditel offer extensive professional development opportunities amid soaring demand

Auditel launch series of new training course opportunities as demand for energy and carbon auditing grows

High demand continues to fuel Auditel’s network expansion and recognising future significant opportunities has led to additional training and qualification courses for Auditel Partners to get involved in.

Chris Aston, Managing Director, explains more “We are becoming so busy with increasing volumes of clients that in respect of creating carbon management plans for our clients, this opens up lots of opportunity around energy and carbon site audits, verification requirements, compliance and reporting.  To ensure we can meet this demand, we are running training courses for Auditel Member Firms (Partners) who wish to add to the skillsets and or develop new expertise in these areas.  By doing so, it creates new project opportunities for their own business, and ensures that holistically as Auditel we have the depth of internal expertise to support our growing client base.”

Some examples of internal programmes run so far have enabled Auditel Partner to become one of the following:

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An EPD is a report that quantifies the environmental impacts of a product throughout its entire life cycle. An EPD provide valuable information to businesses and help them understand the carbon footprint of their products. This is important for two reasons: first, it allows businesses to identify opportunities to reduce their environmental impact; and second, it provides data that can be used in carbon reporting.

Auditel have trained a dozen Partners to become EPD verifiers that can support clients in getting their products audited and certified, making them more attractive to customers as a result, or through off-setting, being able to demonstrate that a product is carbon neutral.

Carbon Internal Verification

All Auditel Carbon Audits include internal verification to ensure the highest standards of quality and ensure all clients can trust in the reporting delivered. This verification programme, run by Lead Verifiers empowered another 10 Auditel Partners as internal verifiers who can sign off other audit reports and provide verifiers opinion statements.

Energy Savings & Site Audits

This bespoke 2-day training course focused on energy in buildings and more specifically how to conduct an energy efficiency site audit with consumption profiling as a precursor to producing an ESOS compliance report.  It is designed for Auditel Partners that wish to build their business as a regional energy site auditor for either ESOS compliance services or energy/carbon reduction planning.

Sales Mentoring

Beyond direct training courses, Auditel have also launched monthly sales teams meeting for Partners to meet in ‘support led’ small groups, discussing sales and marketing strategy and sharing best practice and driving more growth.  These sit alongside personalised business support enhancing the entire support framework and further ensuring that you are never on your own in running an Auditel business.

Aston adds “Becoming an Auditel Partner presents a fantastic opportunity to develop new skills and expertise in exciting and fast moving sectors.  One of the many attractive features of an Auditel business is being able to benefit from your existing skills, knowledge and experience but also being able to develop new skills and expertise in areas that interest you today, or may develop in future is another factor in why Auditel Partners often continue to run their business ongoing.  We have a number of Partners who are loving what their business provides for them, over 2o years later!

There is no doubt that the opportunity for quality services in the energy and carbon management sectors is huge and presents an incredible opportunity for people staring an Auditel business presently or in the near future.  Find our more how you can achieve great success by becoming a Member Firm within the Auditel Business Community.”

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