Auditel FAQ’s – ‘How do I get clients?’

Auditel FAQ Series
‘How do I get clients?’

One of the first questions asked by most people considering the Auditel franchise, is ‘How do I get clients?’ and it’s a great question, after all, if you have no clients, you can’t undertake projects or earn fees!

A comprehensive Marketing Plan

Successful marketing needs a comprehensive planning and focussed execution.  Auditel franchise partners incorporate a wide mix of direct and indirect marketing methods into start-up plans, with Auditel’s support.  The first action you will usually take as a new Auditel franchisee is to spend a few hours with MD Chris Aston, who has over 20 years Marketing Director expertise in this sector, creating the blueprint of your marketing plan.

Everyone that joins Auditel has a different background and industry knowledge and so the marketing plan for your Auditel business will be created personalised, to play to your strengths. You’ll have a structured plan to follow mapping out the route to success and the different activities you’ll engage in your marketing plan, all of which we support you with.

There are many routes to market, and we have a huge array of marketing materials, tools and training to help you build cross-media campaigns to help you get in front of the right person, usually a Finance Director.  Most of our franchise partners don’t have sales backgrounds, and whilst we will thoroughly train you, we do have resources available, such as trained self-employed telemarketers who you can engage in appointment making on your behalf as part of a structured campaign.

Award-winning Training and Support

Auditel TrainingThe induction training is built around developing your client base and so we will empower you with  our ‘consultative sales’ training programme, delivered by experienced professionals who have ‘walked the walk’.

Auditel can help businesses in many different ways, and so we need to explore and understand from our prospective clients where their challenges are, what their objectives might be and other open lines of questioning to draw out the information on which we can propose solutions that will benefit them, and you!

Whilst the first year or so of your business is where you will be heavily focussed on client acquisition, you will also start to develop relationships and over time blend more ‘client management’ into your day-to-day routine.  After all, clients can last for many years, we have some clients ongoing over 20 years!

Quality Resources

Auditel have developed an incredible toolkit of quality marketing materials with a full digital marketing suite alongside deliverables that can be created as hard-copy also, on low quantity runs and on fully recycled and recyclable materials.

The materials will really help you to ‘open doors’ with potential clients, and portray huge credibility in respect of design quality, depth of content and professionalism.  You present as part of Auditel, a UK-wide network of 100 consultants, and a much wider community when all those wearing ‘Auditel hats’ is considered.

Huge Credibility

When Auditel partners present to clients, we can demonstrate a client base of over 1000 UK organisations.  Broken down across around a dozen business sectors, Auditel can present a depth of proven success in delivering great results for clients.  Over 100 case studies alone are showcased on the Auditel website, and available as brief and full version content, to suit all marketing needs.

Harness the strengths of others

Within Auditel you can play to your strengths, following a proven business system.  Some franchise partners find that acquiring and managing clients is what they like to focus on, whereas others may prefer project management, or have come from a background in that they have particular expertise.

Through ‘Joint Venturing’, Auditel franchise partners collaborate with each other across all aspects of the client relationship.  So, for example, you could develop a client and manage the overall relationship, and engage different category specialists to do the the actual project process work on each different cost area projects.  Broadly, this would mean a 50/50 split in the fees between yourself and the other franchise partner, on each of the projects.

A service that ‘just makes sense’!

Auditel are THE Cost, Procurement and Carbon Solutions Company and their offering is incredibly powerful.  Organisations today know they need to start the proves towards carbon neutrality, but this costs money and resources they likely don’t have. By engaging Auditel, not only can Auditel bring the expertise to deliver Carbon Footprint Reports, Reduction Programmes and Management Plans, it can all be delivered through a self-funding method.

By engaging Auditel to look at Procurement and Cost Management, Auditel franchise partners can typically save 20% of existing indirect overhead costs – in over 100 different cost areas.  So, the savings that an Auditel partner can create, will not only cover Auditel fees, it’ll could also cover all the carbon solutions too, and even leave additional profit left over – which organisation would want to explore what Auditel can do for them?!

Auditel’s FAQ Series can be accessed in the Auditel Franchise Portal, along with lots of other helpful information.  To learn more about how an Auditel territory works, or with any other questions, please ‘schedule a call’ with Nick Tubb, Auditel Head of Recruitment, or email

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