Auditel introduce ‘Franchise Candidate Portal’ and ‘Discovery Webinar Presentation’

Auditel have introduced a new way to learn more about it’s proven profit-improvement services and award-winning franchise opportunity, through a new ‘Franchise Candidate Portal’ for making research easier, including a new ‘Discovery Webinar Presentation’ to explain more about the Auditel services and opportunities. 

The Franchise Candidate Portal is an innovative tool to help prospective franchisees to gather all the information they need, as they need it, and help to smooth out the research process by mapping out a step by step pathway.

Tuesday 1st October – If you have previously enquired for an Auditel franchise, you should receive ‘joining instructions’ for the Franchise Candidate Portal within 48 hours. If you have not received this, please email or call 01962 863915 and we will endeavour to assist your login.

Nick Tubb, Auditel Head of Recruitment, explains:

Through discussion with many people exploring franchising it became apparent that gathering information was a frustrating process for some as getting the depth of information needed to progress their research was often restricted by a rigid process. 

At Auditel, we have sought to embrace technology to create a tool to simplify the research process and in doing so enable the prospective franchisee to research the business opportunity model at their own pace, with easy-to-schedule interaction opportunities and multiple options when it comes to taking the next steps in research.  For example, we now offer the choice of Discovery Seminar, Webinar or one-to-one meeting as means of mutual research gathering.”

The webinar, a live recording featuring Nick along with Marketing Director, Chris Aston, helps people considering the Auditel opportunity to understand a range of details, including:

  • The evolution of Auditel
  • The demand for Auditel services and breadth of market-place
  • The impact of franchisee network collaboration
  • The Auditel franchise model
  • How you are trained and supported
  • The ‘pathways’ to grow your Auditel business
  • The benefits realised by Auditel franchisees

Nick Tubb explains why the webinar has been introduced:

“Auditel offer an excellent opportunity and have a rigorous selection process, though we are always looking to make it easier for people to learn more about the Auditel opportunity in order that they can establish whether the Auditel model is right for them.  

The webinar presentation provides a good ‘first step’ in learning more and getting a better understanding of the proposition ahead of a further telephone discussion and then arranging a meeting in person if mutually agreeable.

At Auditel we offer a very transparent insight into our business.  With 25 years’ experience and as a multi-award winning franchisor, we invite you to fully explore Auditel and have made the webinar available as an instant presentation this means you can learn more at a time that suits you.

We have built in a feedback form too so as you watch the presentation you can note questions and submit at the end and then schedule a call to discuss further directly into my schedule.  We hope you find this content extremely helpful in your exploration of Auditel.”

To watch the Discover Webinar you will need to access the Franchise Candidate Portal. When you initially enquire for the Auditel franchise opportunity you will be provided with ‘joining instructions’ upon receipt of your enquiry.

If you have any queries please contact Auditel on 01962 863915, or email

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