Auditel Franchise Research Process

How to find out more about Auditel

Exploring Auditel has never been easier.  Through telephone and video meetings, you can conduct your initial Auditel research, including meeting key members of the Auditel leadership and support team, plus franchisees.  Of course, you’ll be able meet in person (as per covid regulations) later in your research, with a warm invitation to our Wunchester Head Office.

Start your franchise research process today by making an enquiry, visiting the Auditel Franchise portal, or Scheduling a call using links below.  As a summary, the steps through the Auditel franchise reseacrh process are outlined below

The Recruitment Process Steps

This is an approximate outline and may vary slightly by individual. Timeframe will vary according to your circumstances and objectives.  For awareness, broadly, Auditel run training induction programmes every two months.

Enquiry & Initial Exploration Stage

Further Exploration

On the basis of interest, suitability and viability (from both parties) – with ongoing guidance and support from Franchise Recruitment Team with calls, emails and meetings as required:

  • Video Meeting with Chris Aston – MD (Marketing and Sales detail)
  • Video Meeting with Chris Allison – Founder and executive Chairman
  • Introductions to speaking with existing Auditel Franchise Partners of mixed experience
  • Business Plan discussion and introductions to funding option providers
  • Video Meeting with Fiona Steels – Director of Network Support

Latter-stage Research and Decision Making

Continued guidance and support from Franchise Recruitment Team with calls, emails and meetings as required:

  • Complete commercial research – making the ‘commercial decision’
  • Bank Funding Application submitted if required – making the ‘financial decision’
  • Franchise Agreement review – making the ‘legal decision’
  • On successful franchise application and an Auditel franchise being awarded, the Franchise Agreement is completed and deposit paid (balance paid before induction programme begins)
  • Pre-Training support begins immediately, including personalised ‘Marketing Planning’ session.
  • Induction Training Programme begins

Start your Auditel Research Process today.  Please make an enquiry, or, if already enquired, visit the Auditel Franchise Portal.  Alternative contact Nick Tubb or email

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