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The Auditel Franchise Territory – Explained

Often in franchising, a geographic territory is allocated.  Depending on the nature of the business, whether for providing a service to domestic or business users, most franchisors will offer a franchise model with a geographic territory providing a minimum number of potential clients.

Auditel Franchise Hand ShakeIn the case of Auditel however, a successful franchisee may need only secure between six and fifteen clients to have a significant business generating over £100,000 per year in income to the franchisee.  Furthermore, clients can last for many years.  Auditel can demonstrate client longevity well beyond ten years in many cases.  Therefore, a geographic territory covering many thousands of potential clients is not best suited here – and there are several other reasons why not too, not least that businesses themselves are not limited by geography and so many suitable clients will often have multiple sites across the UK.

Auditel instead uses a system that ensures that you get all the protection of long-term business opportunity that you need, without limiting your scope to engage with clients – and in a manner that encourages and supports co-operative franchisee collaboration – and certainly not competition between franchisees.

The Auditel Territory

Auditel has always operated on a non-geographic franchise territory, other than it being for the UK as a whole.  Instead, Auditel uses a ‘prospect and client’ database to enable each franchisee to manage a portfolio of prospective clients at any one time.   There are a range of management measures and controls, such as to ensure that potential clients are not listed as a ‘prospect’ but not being proactively marketed to.  Any potential client must also be registered as a ‘prospect’ before being approached too.

New franchisees are likely to be more proactively marketing for new clients than established franchisees, as there is significant client longevity, and through developing long-term warm marketing methods.  Auditel effectively uses a cross-media strategy of direct marketing to enable a targeted marketing campaign to appointments with multiple prospective clients.

Driven by Vertical Marketing

Prospective franchisees, as part of the franchise research process, gain thorough insight into all the Auditel marketing methodologies, tools and materials, and develop with MD Chris Aston, a personalised marketing plan as the way that they approach developing their Auditel business will be different to the next person. Whilst referral, introducers of business, networking and events will all open up client opportunities, franchisees will usually look to develop a client portfolio within certain sectors.

There are many advantages to taking a ‘vertical marketing’ approach including meeting potential clients that will be likely facing similar challenges and seeking similar solutions, whilst by working within markets that you have familiarity will provide comfort and confidence whilst being able to showcase credibility.  The approach to businesses within the same industry sector means that the marketing materials used can be similar, providing you with a more efficient and effective client development approach – all of which is built around Auditel’s extensive sales training and support programme.

This approach is preferable to a ‘scattergun’ of just targeting an array of ‘local’ clients that might fit the criteria by way of client size.  You could find yourself going from manufacturer, to retail, to hospitality, to charity and therefore with inconsistent client profiles, you will likely show less effective performance than if you had a more consistent potential client profile.

A huge potential client base

Auditel’s marketing strategy for franchisees also means that franchisees that could be located geographically close to each other, may be looking for business in completely different sectors, though in nearly thirty years, Auditel has worked with only a few percent of its total potential client base, and at any one time, less than 8% of potential clients may be ‘prospects’ or ‘clients’ of other franchisees, so well over 90% is open to be approached.

When you consider also that any busy has ‘infinite’ potential to be a client, you can understand just how much scope there is for starting a new Auditel business today, and Auditel are always bring additional services and solutions to market too, adding ‘more strings to their bow’.

Auditel Pathways means Auditel businesses can be equally successful but run in different ways

Auditel attract people from a diverse array of backgrounds, and this helps to create a rich tapestry of talent within the Auditel network.  Whilst Auditel train and support in all aspects of the Auditel business, some people will gravitate towards or be primarily focussed on business development and client management, whereas others will focus more on project management or utilising their existing experience in whichever cost sector this may be e.g. packaging, logistics, waste management, IT, Renewables etc.  As well as ‘playing to your strengths’ and harnessing the expertise of others, this also means that not all Auditel franchise partners are actively targeting new clients themselves, as they are being fed work by others with Auditel.

Benefits to Franchisees of its Territory System

  • You can utilise strong connections you may have, anywhere within the UK
  • Vertical marketing means you target certain sectors, for more efficient and effective
  • Over 90% market availability
  • ‘Infinite’ client potential
  • Use your industry sector experience and knowledge to your advantage
  • No ceiling on your client base or earning potential
  • No performance targets so you can build a business that works for you short-term and long
  • Franchisees are collaborating not competing.

Auditel’s FAQ Series can be accessed in the Auditel Franchise Portal, along with lots of other helpful information.  To learn more about how an Auditel territory works, or with any other questions, please ‘schedule a call’ with Nick Tubb, Auditel Head of Recruitment, or email

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