The Auditel Franchise Opportunity

Auditel is an award-winning franchise opportunity ready to help you take the step into self-employment. We have nearly 30 years of experience helping people to start and grow their own successful business that meets or exceeds their objectives.

Franchising is a partnership where you work for yourself but not by yourself. We work together and our mutual success is interdependent.

We support you in realising the objectives you desire whether that be a great work/life balance, six-figure income, or more control and flexibility, whilst making a real difference to organisations and becoming a valued and trusted advisor.

Play to your strengths, benefit from the strengths of others

People become Auditel franchise partners from a diverse array of backgrounds ensuring the Auditel network has a rich tapestry of experience and skill sets. You do not need to have a ‘specialisation’, and nobody is a ‘complete all-rounder’.

If you love winning business and maintaining client relationships, an Auditel franchise can be perfect for you, just as if you have twenty-five years’ experience in logistics or packaging, for example.

A great benefit within Auditel is the collaboration between franchise partners. You can play to your strengths whilst harnessing the skills and expertise of others. This means you can focus on what you do best and enjoy, without leaving ‘skills gaps’ in your business.

Explore the multiple benefits of an Auditel Franchise

A better work/life balance

More control & flexibility

More quality time with family

Make a difference & achieve success

Work from home – or away!

Make time for things that matter

Make your business work for you

Auditel Franchise Package

Nearly 30 years of experience ensures that the modern day Auditel Franchise package gives you everything you need to thrive.  We know what works and empower you with the right resources at the right time to build the success you desire.

Over the lifetime of your Auditel business, your initial investment could be a fragment of your return – you are investing in your future success and long-term benefits.

Initial Investment: £39,950 +VAT
(VAT reclaimable)
(Using finance support options, you’ll need approx min £15000 personal funding)

Bank Funding covering 70% of your total start-up cost, including working capital to support you during the growth phase, is available.  For example, NatWest can provide unsecured funding of around £50000. More info available.

What are you looking for in starting a new business?

  • A business that thrives in all economies (yes, even a pandemic!)
  • Work flexibly from home, no need for premises?
  • Being a part of a collaborative franchise network so you can play to your strengths, and harness the strengths of others?
  • Scalability to grow a larger business with staff, if you wish to?
  • No ceiling on what you can earn, with scope to earn a significant six-figure annual income?
  • A business with low running costs, and high profitability?
  • Flexibility to choose how you work with and for?
  • Being away from corporate politics, work travel and wasted time?

If the above sound appealing, then Auditel could be the franchise for you, so start your exploration today, and complete the enquiry form.

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