Auditel Franchisee Ravi Benefiting From Auditel’s Network Strength

Auditel Franchisee Ravi Khakhria has been running his own Auditel consultancy since 2007. Over the last twelve years, the former accountancy professional has built one of the most dynamic and well-respected businesses within the Auditel network. Driven by a determination to provide a great lifestyle for his family whilst having the flexibility to enjoy it, Ravi has utilised the opportunity for Joint Venturing with his fellow franchisees to maximum effect. He’s now also developing a secondary revenue stream by bringing a new partner into the business. For Ravi, professional and personal success are intrinsically linked; and he’s proudly achieving both.

“My definition of success will always be different to someone else’s. I don’t simply define my success by a monetary value. I’m happy, my business offers me a good income, a lifestyle with my family that I always wanted and a level of professional variety that I love. For me, the future is about more of the same!”

 After completing a Post Graduate Degree in Accounting, a young Ravi launched into his career in the financial industry. Initially working for small, independent practices, he worked himself up the corporate ladder, culminating in a position as a Senior Manager at one of London’s Top 20 accountancy firms. By his own admission, no one thing led to Ravi’s decision to leave the industry. But, at the age of 33, whist planning for the future, he knew that in order to achieve his dreams, making change was essential.

“My wife and I had just decided that we wanted to start a family and, living outside of London, we knew that the commute and the long hours weren’t really suited to new family life. I didn’t want to miss out on my children growing up! I was also looking to progress professionally but had started to become a little disillusioned with the industry; it wasn’t what it had once been, and I’d lost the love for my work. That’s something that I’m very passionate about: there has to be an element of fun and enjoyment in everything that you do. So, it was time for a change.”

Already familiar with the concept of franchising, Ravi decided that business ownership was the one career path that could offer the financial prospects, the future flexibility and the personal satisfaction that he craved. Careful not to rule out any options, Ravi’s due diligence saw him research aspects of both B2C and B2B franchising. However, he soon confirmed his initial belief that a B2B franchise was where he could best utilise his knowledge and skills. It was then that he found Auditel. And the attraction was instant.

“What I liked about Auditel was the proposition of being able to demonstrate value and deliver tangible savings. It very much appealed to the analytical side of me and it suited my background. Investing into a B2B opportunity was key for my requirements and the best way to support the lifestyle that I wanted to achieve. I didn’t want to be driven by the consumer model. I felt that with Auditel, things would be very much on my terms and, whilst the work would undoubtedly still need to be put in, there was the opportunity for more flexibility – which was crucial for me.”

Founded in 1994, the Auditel consultancy service was pioneered to help UK organisations make effective and informed procurement decisions. Auditel Consultants work closely alongside FDs, CEOs and business owners throughout the UK as a trusted business advisor. Delivering new perspectives and insights for clients, they help to drive change and increase profitability, competitiveness and growth.

Despite completing his initial franchisee training over a decade ago, Ravi continues to utilise the ongoing support and training offered by Auditel head office. In fact, he believes doing so is essential for maintaining Auditel’s market-leading position as agile and insightful consultants.

“The nature of our business, as strategic procurement consultants, means that the challenges our clients face are constantly evolving – as are the technologies and solutions we can offer. This knowledge is assimilated and results in new tools and procedures or is disseminated via training courses and seminars to the network by head office and even other consultants themselves -especially those who specialise in niche areas. All of which means we’re able to stay ahead of the competition as franchisees and offer a cutting-edge service to our clients. It’s win-win.”

Auditel franchisee Ravi now specialises in working with Theatres and multi-sited clients, but his business plan always included collaborating with his fellow Consultants on Joint Venture projects; a unique benefit of the Auditel franchise. More recently, he’s expanding further by targeting the hospitality sector with the help of a new business partner.

“My model for growth has always been to diversify. I recently had an opportunity to bring someone into the business who could help develop a new revenue stream. He has a background in hospitality, having been COO and MD for in International hotel chain. He’s got the experience and credibility behind him; knows the language and can speak to stakeholders on their level. It’s very exciting and demonstrates the flexibility of the franchise model and how you can, within reason, diversify for growth.”

Ravi Khakhria vacationing in New YorkNow, Auditel franchisee Ravi is truly reaping the benefits of his own hard work – living the lifestyle that he’d always hoped to achieve. But he says it’s important to remember, as with any business, you have to work hard, and you only get out what you put in: “This business gives me the flexibility to choose when I do the work… not if! I can enjoy family life – time with the kids, holidays etc. In reality, that means being able to decide to take the afternoon off if needed and then doing a couple of hours work one evening to make up for it. Or taking my laptop on holiday so that I can keep my finger on the pulse.”

 And the best thing about being a franchisee? For Ravi, it’s something that he actually underestimated during his decision-making process!

“The Auditel network! You’re working with a lot of exceptionally talented and genuinely nice people. I totally underestimated this side of the franchise during my due diligence. But working with other people is so valuable. The opportunity to learn from them and constantly develop your own skills is fantastic. Also, no two days are the same! Great if, like me, you’re someone who doesn’t like being stuck in a routine and enjoys variety.”

The Auditel network is made up of over 100 franchise owners – professionals who, like Ravi, come from all walks of life. One thing they do share, is the desire to control their own future and build profitable, scalable businesses with real longevity.

“I personally think I get the best of both worlds through the balance I have in my business. The work that we do has a genuine impact on businesses and their teams and that makes me very proud. It’s been a wonderful twelve years and I think that being able to say I’m still very excited for the future is very special.”

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