Auditel Franchisees give thoughts on the year ahead for their business

With 2021 already into its second month in the blink of an eye, under lockdown conditions in the UK, people across all industries have mixed feelings about what the year ahead may look like.  Within Auditel there is great confidence due to services that can deliver solutions to clients in all economies. Auditel franchisees Lee Freeman and John Wardle share their thoughts in this insightful video.

Being Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Business Transformation specialists, 2020 was an incredibly busy year for many Auditel franchisees.  Even those who served clients in sectors badly affected by Covid-19, were able to offer advice, expertise and solutions to organisations in need, whilst for many companies, Auditel made a vital positive difference to their businesses, saving money and improving efficiency.  Many franchisees saw their businesses grow in the past year, and we even saw brand new franchisees making fast starts in acquiring clients and building their businesses.

As lockdown measures are relaxed in the months ahead, and the impact of vaccinations suggesting that ‘normality’ of sorts may return by the late Spring or Summer, we believe that now is the ideal time to start an new Auditel business.  Transformation has happened, and many of the changes businesses have made in the past year are set to stay.  For so many reasons, it ensures that Auditel’s solutions can be in very high demand for several years ahead, and there has possibly never been a better time to build the business you desire with Auditel.

So, how do Auditel franchisees feel about the year ahead?  Franchise Consultant, Robert Allison, caught up with a couple of franchisees and asked them what they thought:

Nick Tubb, Head of Franchise Recruitment for Auditel, explains how Lee and John’s comments echo the feelings of the network more widely “I have been hearing feedback from an array of franchisees and those that are growing their businesses have seen busy starts to the year with appointments being booked with new potential clients.  The continuous feed of quality new marketing materials ensures franchisees can provide a rich drip-feed of engaging new content to potential clients.  Auditel offer so much more than just ‘procurement expertise’ and it is this depth of resource, and the ability for clients to benefit from a full-scope business review to ensure that not are only all costs managed effectively across their entire business. It’s an exciting time to be starting an Auditel business.

Now is the time to find out more.  Book a call with Nick Tubb today  to find out more, or log into the Auditel Portal  to watch more content and for interactive features.



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