Auditel’s launch new client marketing programme with instant success

Auditel launch “Centralised Marketing Campaigns” programme to their franchise network – with immediate results

“Auditel’s support to it’s franchise network has never been better” – not our words, but feedback direct from its network of around 100 franchisees (Affiliates) at last November’s National Conference. Never content to rest on it’s laurels, Auditel has now taken another huge step forward, this time in it’s Client Acquisition and Marketing activities through the launch of it’s ‘Centralised Marketing Campaigns” programme.

Chris Aston, Auditel’s Managing Director explains.  “I’m delighted to have launched the ‘CMC Programme’ to the Auditel network.  By providing a wide array of high-quality marketing materials, our franchisees can ‘pick and choose’ which combination of sector-specific cover letter and Marketing Brochure, Newsletter or ‘thought leadership’ Document they would like to send to which of their prospects or clients.  By combining this with a strategy for follow-up, this programme enables affiliates to stand out to potential clients, and grow their client base.  It is a huge addition to the suite of marketing tools our network can use.”

He continues “As well as being so customisable, its also incredibly flexible.  Affiliates can ‘dip in and out’ of the programme from one campaign to the next in accordance with their workload at any one time, so it creates a drip-feed of ongoing new client opportunity for all our franchisees whether they be one month, one year or ten years into their Auditel business.

From the initial mailing in January, Auditel affiliates began using the programme and many generated instant results.  Affiliates are reporting that appointments being secured as a result of the CMC with different potential new clients from a variety of different business sectors.  Other affiliates have reported direct ‘call back’s’ from interested clients, eager to help Auditel to streamline their costs and increase bottom-line profits.

Paul Foster, Auditel Franchise PartnerAuditel affiliate, Paul Foster, is one beneficiary  “There’s no doubt that combining direct mail with email, telemarketing and social media is getting the Auditel brand and message out there and on the radar with prospective clients. I have already had two new appointments booked from the first campaign and there is also great impact in the early dialogue and awareness being generated with many other organisations”.

One of the keys to new business success is being in the right place at the right time, and this the first of seven multi-channel campaigns planned for 2020 should ensure Auditel are better placed than ever before to win more new business.

Now is the ideal opportunity to explore the Auditel franchise, with great achievements being realised by franchisees, and a training and support programme that across 25 years has never been better.  Start the professional, flexible business you’ve always desired and escape the corporate world with an Auditel franchise.  Find out more today, speak to Nick Tubb on 01962 893067  or email and take the first step into successful self-employment.

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Auditel Franchise Partner Gordon Brearley