Auditel launch new flexible ‘hybrid’ franchise training

Auditel launch hybrid franchise training – a balance between safety, effectiveness and flexibility

Since April 2020, the impact of Covid-19 has been felt across the world, impacting on everyday life more so than any previous event in the lifetime of almost all people.

Sales conducted without meeting a client directly

As we enjoyed the ‘novelty’ of video meetings, which became the ‘new normal’ in business, it seemed surreal that processes such as business to business sales could be fully conducted, and services implemented, without ever meeting a client face to face.

With time of course, and with good progress in the fight against Covid-19, the UK is reaching the point of lifting of restrictions, albeit it could be many months or even years before full lifting of all virus protection safeguards.

Auditel quick to transform

Auditel have been welcoming new franchise partners into their consultancy network throughout the time since Covid-19 first appeared.  Auditel were quick to adapt the induction training programme and utilise video meetings so all parties could remain home-based rather than in a face-to-face classroom environment.

With ten days of induction training split over three weeks, the revamped courses were attended and enjoyed by new franchise partners.  Feedback was excellent, with video-meetings for a 3-hour session each day followed by one-to-one support sessions, or personal learning modules.  There were several benefits to the new model, including reduced fatigue compared to full-day classroom sessions.

The desire to be instinctive

Of course, despite all the positives, there remains no substitute for personal contact in many situations, especially when getting to know new people.  This is certainly the case when joining a franchise like Auditel, where not only is the relationship between franchisees and support team so important, but the franchisees themselves work together and collaborate to deliver Auditel’s procurement, supplier management and business transformation solutions to clients.

Human nature is to be social, and as effective as technology has been in softening the blow of lockdowns and social distancing, there is a growing desire for many to be able to return to elements of direct contact.  For many home-working has been an easy transition, or barely a transition at all, but for others circumstances are not so convenient, and the wish to return to places of work are much greater.

For both Auditel and their new franchise partners therefore, there is much to balance – safety and protection, the benefits of face-to-face contact, the flexibility of online learning and the impact of effectiveness of ‘bite-sized’ sessions and mixing group and solo aspects of training.

Striking the balance

Weighing everything up and with the benefit of a highly experienced franchise support team, and the feedback of franchise partners too, going forward, Auditel is pleased to be introducing a new ‘hybrid’ training induction programme.

Fiona Steels, Auditel Director of Network Support explains the new training structure “The hybrid training gives the best of both worlds.  We recognise the benefits that online learning and video technology has brought, and in-fact it has been far more successful and well received than we could ever have anticipated, though it was of course a forced move due to the impact of Covid-19.  However, we are a social franchise network anyway, collaboration is at the heart of what we do and the need for our support team to be able to support franchisees most effectively means that from the outset nothing can beat meeting in person, at least in part. 

She continues “Going forward, we believe that the hybrid training enables for certain sections of the training to be delivered through effective video meetings and distance learning, whilst another section of training modules are best delivered in a traditional ‘classroom’ environment if possible.  This also allows some social opportunity, including getting to know new franchise partners over dinner and drinks in the evening.  We also maintain the flexibility that training courses can be delivered more, or fully online, should future need arise though we hope this will not be the case of course.”

Nick Tubb, Auditel Head of Recruitment adds “New franchise partners currently preparing to train in July are very excited to hear about the new hybrid programme.  Auditel has always delivered a ‘best in class’ training and support programme and this latest development will ensure that for people currently considering starting a franchise business of their own, that becoming part of the Auditel community will empower them with a fantastic start-up package with which they can build a great business of their own, fully supported by the vastly experienced Auditel head office team.”

Find out more today, contact Nick Tubb on 01962 893067 or email . To enquire please use the form on the contact us page or if you have already enquired, visit the Auditel Franchise Portal.  To see more about Auditel visit .

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