Auditel announce new £20,000 ‘Associate Business Partner’ model

Becoming a Member Firm of the Auditel Business Community has never been so flexible, at a time of exciting opportunity.

Auditel, the Cost, Procurement and Carbon Solutions company, are delighted to announce a new business opportunity model to suit the widest array of circumstances.  Becoming part of Auditel can now cost as little as £20,000 – half the standard business model price – at a time when pressures on business due to costs, energy price rises and a drive for carbon neutrality mean that Auditel are busier than ever!

Auditel is already recognised as one of the most flexible business opportunities available that uses a franchise framework.  This flexibility in-part comes from the non-geographic territory system.  In many franchise organisations, if you hold a geographic territory then you need to meet performance targets and so the business is very much only a full-time option, but in Auditel you can build the business that suits your goals and circumstances – be that full-time or part-time.

Head of Recruitment, Nick Tubb, explains the changes “For some time, I have been talking to a wide variety of individuals, partnerships and even small businesses who can see the benefits of being part of the Auditel network, but whose circumstances meant that the standard franchise wasn’t necessarily the best fit for them. We now offer business models to better fit the Auditel business of today for future member firms/partners.”

He continues “For example, if you were semi-retired and only wanted to work two days a week or so, perhaps building your business to managing four or five clients earning £40-£50k per year, that’s absolutely fine – and our ‘Associate Business Partner’ model would be ideal.  Likewise, if you want to build an ‘Auditel Practice’ with staff and potentially premises, where over time your business ‘works for you’ and enabling you to generate 30-40% net profit on perhaps £1m+ turnover….you can do that too, using our Full Business Partner model”

The Auditel Business Community

Today, Auditel is referred to as the ‘Auditel Business Community’ (ABC), which is made up of ‘Member Firms’.  These Member Firms operate under a franchise licence framework and currently number around 100, some of whom are over 20 years into their Auditel businesses and others just starting out.

For new ‘Member Firms’ Auditel offer two models of becoming involved: the ‘Full Business Partner’ for people looking to build a typical Auditel business and perhaps develop into a Practice with staff in future.

Alongside this is the ‘Associate Business Partner’ model for part-time/portfolio careers, and can also be suitable to  accommodate businesses that would like to become part of the ABC in order to bring their specialist services to the Auditel network and client base, whilst being able to introduce Auditel’s cost, procurement and carbon solutions into their own clients.

The Full Business Partner model is for people looking to build a typical Auditel business and perhaps develop into a Practice with staff in future.  The initial investment is £39,950+VAT and then there is a 12.5% of turnover (or monthly base rate) management fee (more details separately).

The Associate Business Partner model can be used from different perspectives of joining the ABC.  Firstly, it is for people who want to run a part-time business or perhaps run aongide other activities as part of a portfolio career.  With the same training, support and scope to develop as the Full Business Partner model, there is a difference in the management fee, with a higher level of 20% of turnover.  As the business grows, it may be beneficial to ‘upgrade’ to the Full Business Partner model accordingly.  There is a small premium to upgrade as well as paying the difference between the business models.  Again, more details available, speak to Nick Tubb (

It also suits existing businesses that recognise the benefits in becoming a member firm within Auditel, where they may have complimentary services or specialist consultancy expertise that would add value to Auditel’s offering.  By becoming a member firm, the focus of marketing your Auditel busines would be more ‘internal’ than ‘external’ looking to leverage the existing Auditel client base by educating the Auditel network.  This could have applications to wide ranging expertise whether that be connected with cost management, procurement or carbon solutions.

For many organisations, getting access to Auditel’s 100-strong Member Firm collaborative network and 1000+ clients is very enticing, and becoming a member-firm via the Associate Business Partner package provides considerable benefits over being a third-party specialist or simply a supplier.

To find out more about each of the options, contact Nick Tubb, Head of Partner Recruitment today via or by scheduling a call.

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