New Auditel Affiliates secure their first client in first month    

Despite only completing their induction training in August 2020, Cardiff-based Auditel franchisees David James and Huw Williams, who joined as a partnership, signed their first client in September and have several more prospective clients and ‘introducers of business’ currently in discussion, with further signings expected this month.

The welsh duo are making great strides in growing their Auditel business despite the restrictions imposed by the recent Wales ‘Firebreak’ lockdown.  “We are talking with several organisations about how we can assist them in reviewing their expenditure and identifying savings that are critical in the current times.  We are discussing Auditels’ ‘Full Scope Business Review’ model with companies and getting positive responses.  “Projects we have been invited to explore include a wide range of categories as varied as Solar Panels and Fuel Cards.” explains Huw.

We are following the Auditel Marketing Plan and using a combination of overlapping marketing initiatives, and have been pleased with the progress we have made already.” he adds.

Securing a client within just one month is an especially notable achievement, though this also serves to demonstrate how traditional client acquisition processes have changed ‘post Covid’.  Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment for Auditel, explains the trend that is being seen.  “I have heard reports from several franchisees now over recent months of where the use of an initial ‘exploration discussion’ through a video meeting has sped up the process considerably.  Whereas it perhaps would take two or three meetings spread over a few months for a client to be secured from initial discussion previously, the forced use of technology and changes to business practices because of Covid restrictions has actually had a positive impact through reducing the client acquisition timeframe considerably in many cases.”

Whilst David and Huw will hope to secure more clients over the months ahead, they have certainly had a busy start to their business and have found the training and support process very beneficial. “We have found the whole Auditel network very engaging and received calls from other Affiliates within days of starting looking at engaging on projects together.  We are working with Auditel category experts on some of the proposals we’ve been invited to look at, where specialist knowledge and experience is required, and have found the whole network extremely collaborative and supportive.” Says David, who also references the positive head office in the start-up phase.

We really enjoyed the initial training, from which we felt ‘raring to go’ and we have a weekly support call with Fiona Steels, Director of Network Support, which helps ensure we are sticking to our action plan and putting our focus in the right areas.  It’s still early days but its very exciting and you never know what opportunities each new day brings” he explains.

With significant interest in the Auditel franchise opportunity due to being a ‘recession stimulated’ model, now is the time to explore starting your own business with Auditel.  Find out more, Visit the Auditel Portal to explore the Auditel Franchise in more detail, or arrange a call to speak with Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment or email

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