Auditel proactively responds to the pandemic crisis for clients and franchisees

Auditel has proactively responded to the pandemic crisis in order to mitigate the impact on franchisees and clients. Auditel Managing Director Chris Aston and Executive Chairman Chris Allison have acted quickly during lockdown, ensuring affiliates have the tools they need to continue to trade and prosper.  With the UK economy in an unprecedented place, but having seen through the 2008 banking crisis in a similar role previously, Chris knew that decisive action would assist clients and affiliates alike.

As was the case for many businesses, when the pandemic hit the UK in March, Auditel was focused on responding to extraordinary circumstances. Immediately, emergency contingency plans were put in place to mitigate the impact of the crisis for the business, affiliates, and employees.

Help for Auditel affiliates

Chris AstonChris Allison and Chris Aston began engaging with existing affiliate committees to understand how best to support the Auditel network. In the beginning, the immediate focus was on entering lockdown, closing the Head Office, moving the business online and providing guidance and support to the network.

Recognising that everyone needed to feel supported and connected during such an unusual time, regional meetings, which usually take place face-to-face once per quarter, were changed to a weekly online meeting.  Open invitations afforded affiliates from different regions and HQ staff the opportunity to dial-in, facilitating contact and camaraderie across the wider network.

Auditel also provided additional support for those that needed it, though many have traded successfully throughout the period, raising invoices, as well as making very significant supporting contributions to clients.

Help for Auditel clients

Hand sanitiser and face maskClients across all sectors have needed Auditel’s assistance, so head office personnel and experts within the network also used the regular weekly calls to the regions to provide essential information and updates on matters such as the procurement of PPE and Energy, to sector specific issues like mothballing buildings. Thanks to our wealth of category knowledge and expertise Auditel was also able to produce a package of collateral for affiliates to share with clients and prospects.

Auditel offered a huge amount of helpful guidance to clients at a very difficult time by really looking at what their specific challenges were. Initially, clients were consumed with furloughing staff and assessing the likely impact of the crisis on the company finances. Predictably, many were soon looking to cut costs too. Auditel provided practical guidance and support helping clients to close down their business and make it as lean as possible for the duration.

Chris Aston says:

“The immediacy and pace of lockdown presented unique challenges for clients, but by sharing our knowledge, Auditel has been able to deepen existing relationships by providing powerful support in what has been at times, in isolating, difficult period for everyone.  Working groups were also immediately convened to quickly develop a marketing plan and messaging to reframe our offer to suit the situation. Sales and prospecting working groups were also established to develop new routes to market.  The working groups also looked at what we needed to do to adapt our terms of business, our proposal writing and our working practices to best suit the challenges facing our clients.”

As we begin to exit lockdown, Auditel has begun to help clients with emerging from hibernation. Following extensive consultation with our working groups, Auditel has developed a White Paper ‘It’s time to define your new normal’, highlighting the top seven considerations for organisations during the gradual period of lifting the lockdown.

Controlling the cost gate 

These include ‘controlling the cost gate’.  At a stroke, a substantial proportion of income has been lost by many, leading to all kinds of costs being challenged like never before. Projects have been shelved, redundancies have been made, and millions has been stripped out of budgets. As organisations begin to trade again, many costs will quickly come back in and controlling these carefully ‘at the gate’ will be vital.

Auditel HQ has provided our network with a suite of tools to support the White Paper. A webinar was delivered to the network, together with the video and script to deliver it themselves to clients, to prospects and to the new online business networks they have joined. We have also created video series of our 7 ‘lifting lockdown’ tips, allowing them to be seeded via social media and provided a Zoom background for online meetings.

Executive Chairman Chris Allison comments on the challenge faced by Auditel since March:

Chris Allison Auditel

“The level of engagement from our expert network has been something that has filled us with pride. Fellowship and working together has long been a core value at Auditel, but the nature of this crisis has brought out the best in people. We have never had to work harder, but we have never been prouder of our people.”

Auditel is growing and keen to hear from anyone with a solid executive background, particular supply-side expertise, or proven sales excellence. We offer a rewarding opportunity for self-employment in a well-managed, well-supported environment, where you work with colleagues to deliver innovative projects for clients that deliver substantial savings for them and a substantial income for you.

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