Auditel welcome further seven new Partners on Autumn Induction

With fifteen new Partners having already started Auditel businesses in 2023, a further seven have just begun their own journeys on the extensive September/October Induction Training Programme

Driven by the growing demand from organisations needing support in carbon management and cost reduction solutions, Auditel are welcoming new (franchise) Partner candidates.  With huge opportunity coupled with great services and an industry leading training and support programme, new Partners are eager to start their new businesses, and make a difference, as part of the Auditel Business Community.

Auditel Head of Recruitment, Nick Tubb, explains more “I have been very pleased that we are attracting growing volumes of new Partners with diverse backgrounds and fantastic experience that adds to the already-rich talent pool within the Auditel Business Community.  The demand is huge and we need to grow our community to meet the service need.  One of the many attractive benefits of an Auditel business is the flexibility and control it can provide, whether you aspire to earn £100,000 a year and then look to have more of a work/life balance, or continue to grow your business through taking on employees and building an Auditel Practice where the business works for you.”

He continues “In this latest cohort of new Partners, I’m delighted to have secured people with excellent career backgrounds and skills who have varying business and life objectives, and are now looking forward to building their own Auditel Businesses where the pathway to success can vary widely for each individual.  Three of the new Partners have joined under our ‘Full Partner Business’ model, and four using the ‘Associate Partner Business’ model, though likely some of these will seek to upgrade in due course.

The first to join this intake was Leicestershire-based Nilesh Vithlani.  Nilesh had good commercial experience including store and corporate management roles in one of the largest UK retailers.  He is excited to have joined Auditel and says “I attended a Franchise show in June 2023.  From researching several other franchise opportunities, I decided to go with Auditel.  With their carbon reduction program and speaking to other franchisees within their network, I instantly knew that the culture and its ethics were aligned to what I wanted to achieve in the next chapter of my career.

He continues “I am excited to start helping organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and their costs at the same time. Making a real difference to the organisations I work with by saving them time, money, and our planet will be the most incredible feeling in business. I’ve really enjoyed the first few days of training and am itching to get started!”

Zach Spencer from Cambridgeshire sought a better work-life balance for himself to suit his young family, moving from a career in business development in the medical supplies and sport sectors.  He is excited to leverage his experience to develop client relationships supporting them on their journey’s to Net Zero.

Tim Smith from London has extensive experience in the Hotel sector, and has been involved with recent projects around net zero building in the hospitality sector.  He says “Throughout my 30 years of experience in the hospitality sector I have witnessed the growing importance of sustainability.   Working with leading experts in carbon reduction will enable me to make a real change to this sector and the wider economy.  I look forward to growing a business which is known as a trusted carbon advisor especially to the hospitality industry.

Nicky Sinker from London has had a high-level career In the city rising to become chief of staff for an international law firm.  She explains why Auditel was the right opportunity for her “I am really excited to have joined Auditel. I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to use my skills and experience built up during my finance/COO positions to help other businesses.”

She continues “I am delighted to be working in an area which provides a real purpose behind all the hard work that I put in, helping clients on their journey to net zero. The cross-over between carbon and cost management was a key driver in my decision as I have found cost as a barrier to carbon reduction in my previous roles within the legal and financial services industry. “

Daniel Hanna, from Bath, started his first business while still at university and has since run organisations in Recruitment, Property and the Wine trades. On joining Auditel he said “I spent over six months researching the carbon solutions market and it was Auditel who impressed me most. An absolute commitment to quality in the carbon measurement and reduction planning process, and the opportunity to partner with over 100 experts in procurement and cost reduction, convinced me that this is not just an opportunity to build another business, but also the best route to push the UK along the path to Net Zero. The business community will power much of the required change and I am excited by the prospect of helping clients understand their key drivers, and to deliver the best outcomes for both their own businesses and the planet.

Maja Jeremic has spent the last couple of decades balancing her career with bringing up her family.  With a background in geology, environmental management and compliance in the mining industry, she has a passion for sustainability.  The opportunity to be able to build a business around her interests rather than just taking a job was a big driver for her.

She explains “I always had a passion for the environment, demonstrated through previous roles and personal hobbies, and I intend to pursue it in my new role.  When I discovered and explored Auditel I saw their serious approach to carbon management and high quality materials and case studies, which speak about the level of commitment to helping their clients, are values that I also share. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in the network and doing some great work in collaboration with other Auditel Partners.”

The seventh new Partner is Mark Bull.  Mark had an extensive career in the Recruitment industry, having been CEO of one of the largest organisations in this sector he was looking to be able to build a business alongside a Non-Executive Director role.  The Auditel Associate Partner model is the ideal fit for such a circumstance, though Mark intends to grow his business over time and upgrade his business to the Full Partner model when it is prudent to do so.

Mark says “In addition to my NED role I was looking to expand my portfolio career into other areas and came across Auditel in my research. I am especially keen on the Carbon Consultancy aspect of the Auditel offering as not only is climate change and it’s causes very topical I feel as a father of two myself I wanted to contribute to the wider carbon reduction drive for their future world.”

The new Partners will go through an induction training spread over the course of several weeks that incorporates classroom training, group video sessions and live client support, as part of one of the most robust and recognised white-collar franchise business models available throughout the UK.

To find out more about how you can build your own business as part of the Auditel Business Community and make a real difference to the planet, whilst achieving commercial success in a rich and rewarding way, speak to Nick Tubb by scheduling a call or email

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