Auditel welcome four new Business Partners

The cost, procurement and carbon solutions specialists welcome four new ‘Member Firms’ to the Auditel Business Community.

Auditel are are delighted to update on the latest additions to their UK business partner network, whilst heralding the development of Auditel Auditel Business Community, with business partner opportunities for part-time and full-time individuals, partnerships and existing businesses with complimentary services.

Head of Recruitment, Nick Tubb explains “There is extensive demand for Auditel services driven by pressures on organisations of all shapes and sizes to take action over their carbon emissions through beginning carbon management projects.  In addition the current crushing impact on finances from rising general costs and spiraling energy prices is also contributing to whyvAuditel, once again, is a unique business that is not just resistant to tough economic conditions but is stimulated by them.”

He continues “We have been incredibly busy this year supporting ever-growing volumes of interest in joining the Auditel Business Community and I’m delighted to now support a greater diversity of people in developing an Auditel business thanks to the recent adaption of our business opportunity models to support part-time and full-time individuals, partnerships and developing an Auditel Practice with staff and potentially premises for those that desire it too.

This Summer four fantastic new individuals have joined Auditel, and each has different backgrounds and experience, and also differing long-term goals and objectives.  This rich tapestry of experience, skills and knowledge is part of what makes Auditel really special.  But we are seeing the levels of client opportunity grow so fast we really need more Auditel Partners to deliver all the project work that is being generated, and we are also encouraging and supporting existing businesses to expand into ‘Practices’ too where suitable.  It really is the ideal time to join Auditel.”

Julie Adams, from Derbyshire, is one of the latest Auditel Partners, and is currently undergoing her training programme.  She explains “I’m excited to be joining Auditel.  Having sold my previous business and having had a corporate consultancy career prior to that, I wanted to utilise all my experience but retain the flexibility and control of running my own business.  I have been following Auditel for many years and it seemed to the perfect fit both for now, and also into the future where after working hard to grow my business in the first few years, I look forward to spending more and more time with my partner enjoying more campervan holidays with our dogs and enjoying the rewards of my efforts.

Julie is joined on training by Hampshire-based Alun Morton, who is utilising the new ‘Associate Business Partner’ model to establish an Auditel business alongside an existing b2c business he has run for many years.  “I’m looking forward to starting my new Auditel business.  The Associate Business Partner model was the ideal fit for me to run alongside my existing part-time venture.  I saw Auditel at the Franchise Exhibition at Olympia and the carbon solutions aspect really caught my eye.  I’m excited about the impact of supporting other organisations in making a difference, and to developing my business over the years to come.”

Auditel have also welcome Jon Wilkins, from Warwickshire.  Jon has had a very successful international career in mechanical engineering, the motor industry and manufacturing and brings a wealth of experience to the Auditel Business Community.  Whilst the broader nature of Auditel’s services is relevant to Jon’s experience, he looks forward to growing his business into a Practice-based model in future.

Staffordshire-based Jon Harrison completes the quartet.  Having sold his previous business, a franchise in a different sector, Jon’s desire to continue to be fully occupied saw Auditel the ideal fit for him, to leverage his experience in a business where ‘making a difference’ has never been more meaningful.  The carbon solutions aspect of Auditel’s business was especially key to Jon.

Tubb concludes “We wish all our new Auditel Partners every success in developing their new businesses, with the guidance and care of our highly-experienced training and support teams.  I reiterate that the present time is an extremely opportune moment to join the Auditel Business Community, and we have business models that can support individuals, partnerships and existing businesses that can see the opportunity to bring their expertise to the Auditel client base, or leverage Auditel’s diverse solutions into their own existing clients.

For people considering starting a professional business, now really is the time to explore Auditel.  Training places are limited and demand is incredibly high, so start your no-obligation exploration process today.  Schedule a call with Nick Tubb or email

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