Auditel welcome several new franchisees in May

With significant opportunity opening up for Auditel, interest in joining the franchise network is increasing

As lockdown restrictions ease, the chaos that has challenged us all in the past few months has created an unprecedented pressure on businesses to adapt in order to survive.  With great strain on supply chains, challenges in procurement, furloughed resources and enforced transformation to workplace practices, the opportunity for Auditel franchisees (affiliates) to help and support organisations whilst building their own business has never been so significant.

Underlining the scope of opportunity, Auditel has welcomed three new affiliates to the network in May, from across the UK.  They undertook the first phase of their induction training in late May with a daily group video conference session, backed up by individual activities, support contact and an ongoing action plan.

One of the new affiliates Adrian Taylor, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, saw the present moment as the ideal time to start an Auditel business, having been considering his franchise options for many months.  Having set up and run his own business in the digital signage solutions sector since 2014, Adrian sought a franchise with more control and flexibility.  He explains “I started my research at a franchise exhibition last year before narrowing down to the Auditel opportunity.  Being able to run an Auditel ‘Associate Franchise’ alongside my existing business is ideal.  Organisations across all sectors need support in an array of areas that Auditel can deliver services in, so being able to train now to assist businesses adapting to post-lockdown situation seems perfect timing.”

Mark Miller, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, also saw the current moment as the start of period of significant opportunity for the Auditel business. With a background and specialisation in the Carbon Economy, ESG, environmental compliance, waste management and sustainability, Mark brings extensive expertise in a range of cost areas to add depth to Auditel’s resource in these sectors. “I started researching Auditel around one year ago, and felt now was the right moment to get started.  I feel there is a significant period of opportunity open to Auditel over the months and years ahead.  I’ve really enjoyed the training so far, and I’m busy now developing and starting my marketing activities.  I’m looking forward to the next training block next week, and to developing my Auditel business.”

Auditel adapted their training and induction programme very quickly when the lockdown was announced, but as a company built around training people into home-based self-employment, it was a smooth process.

Guy Bailey, who undertook his induction training over March and April felt the programme gained significantly from not being classroom-based. Having also been party to the classroom session at the very start of his training, Guy is well placed to provide feedback.  He advised “It was great.  The video conferencing worked really well.  The sessions were well structured and were just right timing-wise.  Being able to mix the video sessions with break out discussion, self-directed learning and an action plan worked really well.  Not having the training in a classroom environment was a definite advantage, first and foremost it was the safest option but apart from that obvious benefit it was also an efficient use of time with disciplined start and end times, ensured everyone contributed and networked with structured facilitation, and was good fun!

Completing the May induction is Edward Fitch, based in London.  With an engineering background Edward went through a detailed due diligence programme that started from meeting Auditel at an exhibition early this year. “I went to a Discovery Seminar, and then went through a careful research process in which I spoke with franchisees as well as the directors of Auditel, and this was important as part of the research of both parties. I am excited to be coming out of the corporate world and starting my own business with Auditel.  There is a lot to learn but I’m impressed by what I have seen so far from the initial part of training, and looking forward to the next sessions.  I have plenty to do but it is well structured and supported.

Nick Tubb,  Head of Recruitment, outlines why Auditel is an attractive proposition, especially in the current climate.  He explains “Auditel has seen recessions before, and our business model is stimulated as organisations are more receptive to cost management services that can help them to streamline costs.  The current situation is unprecedented in that it requires all organisations to adapt to find a ‘new normal’ and so we are seeing organisations requiring support in cost management, supply chain repair and management, sourcing and procurement, and business transformation – all at the same time.  Whilst it has created a challenging circumstance for so many, it also creates a significant period of opportunity for the Auditel network.”

He continues “Being able to make a difference to organisations whilst developing a business that gives control, flexibility and significant income potential is a common mix of demands for most people when researching franchises, and Auditel delivers in all these respects.  There could possibly never be a better time to become part of the Auditel network than right now.”

To find out more about how you can make a difference to help organisations that need the benefits that Auditel’s services can delivery, whilst building your own successful consultancy business, contact Nick Tubb today.  Email, call 01962 893067.  Or, visit the Auditel Franchise Candidate Portal at to explore in-depth information and use the interaction facilities within.

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