BBC article highlights breadth of opportunity for Auditel

BBC article highlights breadth of opportunity for Auditel arising from coronavirus impacts on UK businesses and organisations

On 30th April, the BBC published an article on their website entitled ‘How will coronavirus change the way we live?’.  The document featured commentary from twelve reporters and editors across different sectors of the BBC, questioning the impact of coronavirus on different aspects of our lives both in the shorter-term as lockdown restrictions ease, but also how certain changes may be permanent fixtures in our lives ongoing.

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What the article as a whole highlights, is an abundance of factors for which Auditel provide direct solutions or support to organisations in relation to these impacts.  From a commercial perspective, out of challenges, opportunities arise, and receptiveness amongst organisations for Auditel’s services are enhanced in difficult economic circumstances.  We can examine the BBC article and highlight some of the key comments in respect of opportunities for franchisees of Auditel to be able to provide solutions and make a difference.

  1. We’ll be tech dependant for the long haul – Zoe Kleinman, Technology reporter

Zoe points out that the surge in bandwidth traffic has been fairly soundly handled by networks, though its worth considering that the overall load has not necessarily changed, it’s just moved from work-places to homes.  What this does highlight is the ongoing investment on ultra-fast broadband to all domestic locations is essential.

Home-based working is nothing new for Auditel, it’s franchisees have always operated from home-based offices, however for many organisations, the transformation to home-working has been sudden.  Auditel can help organisations to embrace technology and use IT and software to ensure long-term home-working can be successfully implemented.  Auditel can identity solutions, source suitable suppliers and procure both equipment and services at best-value for clients.

  1. Will we stop buying new clothes – Emma Simpson, Business correspondent

Emma Simpson questions the impact on the retail industry, and whether many retailers will reopen at all, or whether they seek to diversify and move to online trading instead.  Immediate cost-cutting measures are being implemented in this sector where some businesses have stopped training overnight and are currently utilising government support – but how will they move forward post-lockdown?

Auditel have already assisted many retail clients in the immediate time as lockdown measures were introduced.  Projects in identifying grants, waiver opportunities, or renegotiations across premises related costs such as water, waste, electricity and other cost areas have already been implemented for existing clients.

Ongoing though, shopping habits are likely to change over the coming months and depending on how long the virus impacts, this could lead to permanent changes in buying patterns.  Auditel can help organisations through procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation, and so franchisees may be heavily leaned upon by retail clients over the months and years ahead.

  1. Will the rush hour be confined to history? Simon Jack, Business editor

Beyond lockdown, there will be permanent changed to work patterns. Simon Jack of the BBC questions the future of crowded public transport and large inner-city office spaces.  It’s a fair question.  Many businesses have had the questions of whether transformation from premises to home based working answered by force these past two months, and in most cases the impact has been positive.

Ensuring that all workers are continuing to work, where not furloughed, has been overcome through the use of technology.  Programs like Zoom, WhatsApp, 8×8 have ensured that work places continue to function.  The ‘little and often’ impact of technology means that employees can focus on work without distraction, whilst having more structure through time management with video-call scheduling.  So, for many business these question now may be ‘what’s the point in having all this office space?’.

It’s likely that post-lockdown, many organisations will seek to find middle-ground and that many employees will adopt a mix of home and office-based working.  The impacts are huge across so many sectors.  For example, businesses can reduce space and therefore cost, through downsizing, or perhaps sub-let office space.  Employee expenses should reduce significantly though reduced travel and hotel costs, albeit facilities for staff at home would increase.  Auditel can help clients across these wide-ranging challenges of decreasing costs in some areas, and achieving best value whilst investing in other areas.

  1. Supply chains will be shorter, more resilient and possibly more local – Simon Jack, Business editor

Supply chain management is already one of the biggest challenges that businesses have faced as the coronavirus hit.  Demand for certain products has rocketed, like PPE, whilst other products are over-supplied.

The reliance on international suppliers for many goods especially from countries like China, will likely be impacted by increasing costs of travel, especially in Air freight.  Lower fuel costs will mean sea freight is preferable but with greater length of delivery time.  More robust supply chains will be sought in future to reduce reliance on single businesses.   Auditel will be a significant aid to helping UK organisations to find replacement suppliers, and to change supply policies to protect against future crises.

  1. The digital transformation of business will get faster, with more automation and artificial intelligence to approve loans, profile customers, control stock and improve delivery. – Simon Jack, Business Editor

Auditel have already been assisting clients with digital transformation projects for several years and so projects are expected to increase over the months ahead.

AI, predictive analytics, block chain will improve processes and systems, removing low value work out of businesses. Automation and Covid-19 points to a perfect storm for redundancies. Reducing internal resources point to a much greater need for Auditel’s services at times of great change and contraction.

  1. Fewer flights could mean higher prices – Tom Burridge, Transport Correspondent

An immediate impact of the forced change from face-to-face meetings to video meetings is that business decisions are being made through online contact, and in many ways this is a significant breakthrough that can impact on business travel forever.  Reductions in travel will have significant cost and time savings, as well as positive environmental impact, and so it is likely that this will have long term impact.

Longer-term, there will likely be significant variance in pricing based on supply and demand.  Auditel travel experts will be able to support and advise on achieving best value in a volatile market.

  1. Virtual lessons for the long term? – Branwen Jeffreys, Education editor

Branwen Jeffreys identifies how with the movement to online learning in schools, ensuring all pupils have access to the necessary technology is a current challenge for schools.  IT equipment and solutions is at the heart of Auditel’s services and so helping schools invest in the equipment they need.  At the same time, making sure that all school premises are streamlined in terms of running costs is also a key service Auditel can support educational clients with.  Utilities running costs for example are reduced with minimal people on school sites.

  1. Fossil Fuel Frenzy or Green Recovery? – David Shukman, Science editor

Lockdown has mean a massive reduction in energy consumption. US Oil for example, has turned negative for the first time ever, meaning producers are paying buyers to take it as storage space runs out.  At the same time, this has a positive impact on pollution levels.  Green energy solutions are already being introduced in some countries to try and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels going forward, though whether countries like the US will follow suit seems less likely.

Auditel’s Total Cost of Purchase ™ whitepaper outlines ‘Auditel’s purpose, passion, business model and philosophy’.  Going forward, organisations will have a greater eye on ethical, environmentally-conscious supply chains – Auditel can help companies with their long-term objectives.

  1. Cinemas and theatres to bounce back? – Will Gompertz, Arts editor

Will Gompertz questions how the arts sector will be affected longer-term.  There is no doubt that facilities will have to adapt to new regulations especially in regard social distancing, but how to maintain revenues if capacity is reduced?  Cost savings are vital to maintain margins, and Auditel can help across the board through their ‘full scope business review’ service.

  1. Overlooked’ care sector will still need help. – Alison Holt, Social affairs correspondent

Auditel work with many care businesses, and have been very busy in trying to source PPE in the immediate impact of lockdown.  Auditel’s extensive supplier knowledge has proved effective in sourcing suppliers of items at short notice, though of course stocks are being sold quickly and so the supply market place changed daily.  From premises costs, to catering, Auditel work to provide extensive procurement and supply chain solutions in the care sector.

In summary, the observations recorded and arising questions all serve to highlight the vast array of needs that organisation will have in the short, medium and long-term.  The breadth of expertise that Auditel have across all categories of expenditure means that Auditel’s services can benefit any organisation at this time of great challenge.  Expertise in procurement, supply chain, cost management and business transformation enables Auditel franchisees to support organisations across all sectors to make a positive difference, whilst building their own successful business at the same time.

Auditel are set to make a big positive difference to UK organisations over the years ahead.  To become part of the Auditel network and build your own business find out more about the Auditel Franchise today at or if you have already made an enquiry, log in to the Auditel Franchise Portal at

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