Reap the benefits of working from home with an Auditel Franchise

Auditel has been training people into home-based employment since 1994

It’s been over a year since lockdown forced businesses to review and adapt the way they operate, including setting up their employees to work in many different locations and all the challenges that came with that.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, approximately 5% of UK employees worked from home.   In April 2020, nearly half (46.6%) of people in employment did some of their work from home, with the vast majority (86.0%) of these homeworkers stating that this was because of the coronavirus pandemic. *

Now with lockdown measures starting to relax, many employers are seeing their staff wanting to either fully continue working from home or to have the flexibility to work between office and home, with some even refusing to come back to the office at all! With many businesses deciding to give up their office space altogether and introduce flexible working as standard practice, will working from home become the new normal?

There has been lots of coverage in the media during the last few months regarding homeworking and the increase in the number of people adapting to a different way of working, and how they are benefiting from the many advantages as an employee and for running a business, including:

Flexibility – working from home enables more agility and flexibility in working arrangements.  If employees aren’t tied to an office they may be more willing and able to work flexible hours such as at the beginning and end of the day when they may have otherwise been commuting.

Increased productivity – productivity can be helped in a homeworking environment as there are usually less interruptions at home compared to when in an office situation.  Working from home usually facilitates a quieter space where people can be more focused.  Saved commuting time can also aid productivity.

Motivation – some people thrive on working from home, especially if they are given a degree of autonomy to get on with their work.  A home working routine often suits people more than being in an office and can contribute to them feeling more motivated to give their best.

Improved health and wellbeing – working from home eliminates the need for travelling to and from the office and hours of frustration being stuck in traffic jams. Saving time on the commute can bring health benefits such as additional sleep, spending more time with family, exercising, and having the time to prepare heathier meals.

Auditel is an award-winning franchise with over 25 years’ experience helping people start and grow their own successful business. The Auditel franchise opportunity lends itself perfectly to working from home with no need to rent office space or employ  staff. You can build a profitable home-based franchise business to meet both income and lifestyle goals with a business that plays to your strengths.

Nick Tubb, Franchise Manager, Auditel

Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment says Auditel has been training people into home-based self-employment for over 25 years and so our network have not faced the ‘transformation’ challenged faced by many organisations over this past year.  In fact, coupled with Auditel’s ‘recession-stimulated’ services and solutions that can benefit organisations of all shapes and sizes, now is the ideal time to explore becoming part of the Auditel network.

You can build the home-based business you’ve desired where you can use your skills and experience to benefit yourself and your clients, and really make a difference, whilst being in business for yourself but not by yourself.”  

To find out more about the Auditel franchise opportunity call 01962 893067 to speak with Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment or email 


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