Auditel’s relationship with Aardman continues to grow

Auditel Consultant Chris Baker has been working with Aardman to reduce their business overheads for just over two years.

Aardman Animations, based across three sites in Bristol, is the world’s leading model animation studio. Aardman is most famous for creating the Wallace and Gromit, and Morph characters, as well as Chicken Run – a feature film collaboration with the US Dreamworks Studio featuring Mel Gibson. Aardman has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, three of which led to Oscar wins.

Tony Prescott, Operations Manager for Aardman, recalls their initial meeting, “My colleagues and I were very aware that we wanted to maintain high levels of service, while simultaneously cutting costs. The portfolio of clients Auditel worked with really impressed us.”

Auditel’s Chris continues, “Aardman had already carried out an in-house review of its expenditure which had proved successful in reducing their overheads. Most companies I visit believe they have their costs under control, but Aardman was one of the few I have worked with who really did run a tight ship.

I was impressed with the level of savings which had been achieved internally, but I was still able to recommend significant cost reductions in a number of areas.”

Tony agrees, “Auditel has ensured that we are operating as effectively as possible. We now have simplified processes and have gained the confidence that our utilities are acquired and managed in a professional manner.”

The relationship between Aardman and Auditel continues to grow, and Chris has recently been given the go ahead to review the costs for Aardman Features. This is a separate company within the group and comprises the studios where its feature films are produced. The first stage of this new project was for Aardman’s communications requirements and infrastructure at all three group sites to be revisited. A unified solution has been identified with further estimated savings of around 20%. Global conference calling costs have also been reduced by approximately 60%.


Savings Breakdown

  • Call Traffic
  • Fixed Wire
Electricity 20%
Gas 30%

“Auditel has ensured that we are operating as effectively as possible.”


Tony Prescott, Operations Manager

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