Following a record growth year in 2023, Auditel welcome four new Partners in January 2024

Huge client demand, enormous long-term opportunity, incredibly strong business model, powerful service offering and excellent franchisee performance behind rapid Auditel’s expansion, with interest still increasing!

It’s been a very hectic time at Auditel Head Office, not least in the Partner Recruitment team where interest in the Auditel Partner Business opportunities continues to increase month by month, and for very good reason.  Following the success of a record 26 new Franchisee Partners joining in 2023, swelling the network from around 90 to approximately 110 Partners today, Auditel is leading the way in the B2B franchising world.

Nick Tubb, Head of Partner Recruitment explains why there is so much buzz around Auditel, and why Partners are joining the ‘Auditel Business Community. “I’ve been involved with franchising for twenty-five years, specialising in franchise recruitment alongside working with lots of other franchise businesses across all business sectors.  Whilst I’ve worked with some organisations that have seen rapid growth as a brand-new venture, I’ve rarely seen an established brand with such long-standing business model and structure have such an increase in expansion, as a mature business.”

A proven business and a highly experienced team

There are lots of reasons behind this success of course, and having a vastly experienced recruitment, support and leadership team sets the tone for reinforcing the strong Auditel brand and thirty-year history of success.  It’s fair to say Auditel already has a fantastic stature within the franchise industry before other considerations are taken into account that all contribute to the current ‘electricity’ in the business.

Increased flexibility in business models and growing diversity of network Partners

One such factor is the flexible business models that the Auditel opportunity projects today, compared to other phases of it’s history.  Nick explains “Over several years, there has been considerable efforts to make improvements to every aspect of the business offering, and showcase the great variety of success pathways an Auditel Partner can achieve.  I think in the past there was a perception that you may have needed to be a ‘number cruncher’ to be an Auditel franchisee only doing cost management and procurement, which actually wasn’t the case.  Also it was portrayed with focus on those looking only for a business that offered work/life balance, so for many years Auditel tended to attract a fairly narrow profile of franchisee partner.”

He continues “Having put lots of effort into showcasing this variety we are recruiting a really rich diversity of highly talented individuals into the Auditel network today, and I’m especially excited about this, and seeing how each individual can achieve success in their Auditel business, following a very different pathway to the next person.”

Nick adds “For example, we can support those who want to build businesses of a much greater scale who would like to build a seven-figure turnover consultancy business, overseeing a team of staff, perhaps with an eye on maximising the value of their long-term business for sale on exit.  We also can support those who simply want a part-time, flexible business working two or three days a week, or running an Auditel business alongside other activities.   Either way, these varied models and pathways are definitely appealing to a broader array of prospective Partners.”

The natural evolution from Energy Specialists into Carbon Solutions Experts

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest drivers behind the increase in becoming part of the ‘Auditel Business Community’ is Auditel’s impressive development into Carbon Solutions. “Many people looking at starting a business want to do something that has real purpose.” explains Nick “Helping businesses to measure, reduce and manage their carbon emissions is something that has tangible results, and this is delighting our Partners who really want to make a difference.  Not only is it something that ‘gets you out of bed in the morning’ but it is something for which you can be really proud of your achievements.  But to do such good whilst also having a commercially successful business, now that’s really quite exciting!”

Network Performance Impressive, and faster starts for New Partners

So with so much demand, potential, and long term opportunity, how are the Auditel Partners getting along in their personal business performances?  “The nature of a B2B offering is that there is great variety in timescales for client development and project delivery, and a wide scale in types of engagements, fee-earnings and time demand of each project within each client” outlines Nick “What we are seeing is that Auditel Partners today are generally gaining their first clients faster than ever before, and the fee generation from carbon projects is often much quicker on average compared to procurement and cost management projects, when such projects are undertaken on a share of savings basis.”

He continues “If we look at the people who have joined in the past couple of years, in most cases we have seen business growth and long-term income streams being built much faster than we have ever seen in our thirty-year history. 

For example, one of our Partners who is currently only just beyond completing their first year, already has 16 clients with an annual income stream well in excess of £100,000 already and still growing.  They have already brought their partner into the business and now taking on an additional staff member too.  They are way ahead of their business plan, and their ‘secret of success’ is nothing more than following the Auditel proven business system and simply working hard.”

Demand for Carbon Management Solutions only increasing

Nick explains why Auditel are in such a strong position with a powerful array of solutions and huge demand for the very long term. “What is so exciting about the carbon solutions sector is that Auditel have such a massive head start, and with a network of over 110 Partners and expanding, it is such a fast-moving sector that even with our collaborative network, it is very hard to keep track of all the developments, technology, legislation and compliance in this space.  Imagine how hard it is for a business by themselves without any real expertise, knowledge of certainty of what exactly they should be doing or how to do it.  So they turn to Auditel.”

He continues “Not only can we help them in every aspect of measuring their carbon footprint, outlining their carbon management programme, setting out and delivering carbon reduction projects and supporting them in all the steps of verification, compliance and reporting, we can also unlock hidden profits within their business that can potentially cover the costs of carbon investments and well as our fees too!  What a powerful proposition, and its unique to Auditel too, thanks to our 30-year heritage in cost management and procurement specialising in the Energy sector.”

Continued growth throughout 2024 – start your exploration today

Of course, with all these compelling reasons for why people are joining the Auditel Business Community, Nick is expecting 2024 to continue to be just as busy.  “We have four new Partners currently on training on our January/February programme, plus two already set for the March/April programme starting late March, with several others currently working through latter exploration with a view to joining shortly.”

To find out more about how you can build your own business as part of the Auditel Business Community and make a real difference to the planet, whilst achieving commercial success in a rich and rewarding way, fill out the enquiry form on this page, or speak to Nick Tubb by scheduling a call or email

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