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There are over 100 consultants in the Auditel network all at varying stages of their careers. Some have just completed their initial training course, others are beginning to meet their first and second year targets and objectives whilst some of our more established franchise partners earn six figure sums and are setting new goals and breaking new boundaries. Below are some case studies and testimonials from a few of our partners.

“Auditel is full of people with different skills and expertise and I’m proud to be part of it. The great thing is you can work as one person but you can scale your business up as much as you want to. One of the best things for me personally, coming from a corporate background, is the flexibility – you can fit your work into your lifestyle. My business is financially rewarding but expansion is the grand plan. I’m constantly widening my knowledge and I think I’m seen in the network as someone you can go to for ideas and support. It’s win-win for myself and my colleagues.”

“My work is much more tangible and meaningful day-to-day now. What I do impacts real-time and makes a difference to businesses. I’ve seen two very different business worlds and enjoyed my working life far more as a result. I’m proud of what I do and of the way that I’ve been able to achieve my goals – personal and professional.”

John Wardle

Franchise Partners
Franchise Partners

I started to outsource to make the most of my time. I quickly realised I couldn’t do everything, so I used the Auditel network to partner with colleagues who were most suitable to my projects. This freed me to focus on bigger businesses, bigger projects, and I could choose to work with senior partners, so, it’s produced some great results for the 50:50 partnerships. I have some clients who I still have twelve, fourteen years on. My clients’ satisfaction is evident in the longevity of our working relationships.”

Gill Gibbon

“This business gives me the flexibility to choose when I do the work… not if! I can enjoy family life – time with the kids, holidays etc. In reality, that means being able to decide to take the afternoon off if needed and then doing a couple of hours work one evening to make up for it. Or taking my laptop on holiday so that I can keep my finger on the pulse.”

Ravi Khakhria

Franchise Partners
Franchise Partners

“What appeals to me most about Auditel is the opportunity for leveraging my time and scaling the business through Joint Venture and collaboration with the network. In coaching, there is only one of me, so I’m completely limited by my own capacity. Into the future, I want a business which can take less of my time and maximise my strengths which are client acquisition and management. I can do all that thanks to the strength of the Auditel network.”

Peter Lewis

“For me, the best thing about owning my own business is the flexibility. I work hard and I work long hours when needed but I have much more freedom now. The business allows me to enjoy time with my family that’s more of our choosing – and that means anything from taking holidays and travelling when it suits us, to being able to stay active and play sports without feeling guilty.”

Stephen Sowerby

Franchise Partners
Franchise Partners

“I’m fulfilling lifelong ambitions and Auditel has played a key role in that. I’ve got a stable, profitable business with a great team behind me, and financially I am in a better position than I would be if I was still in full time employment. I was fortunate and very grateful to be able to build our dream home for my family and I last year, a vision that was the culmination of several years hard work in the property development space. I wouldn’t have been able to start my property journey without the income from Auditel and I wouldn’t have been able to build the house if I didn’t have the time – so the flexibility of the franchise has played a pivotal role.”

David Kendall

Stephen Sowerby

Gillian Gibbon

Chris Baker

Jane Campbell

Tim Halfhead

Rob Andrew

Steve Ray

Paul Foster

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