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Chris Gordon

chris-gordonChris enjoyed a very successful career in brand marketing before buying an Auditel franchise in 2004. Having taken the plunge, Chris wasted no time in getting his Auditel business up and running and now has over 30 clients across a wide span of industry sectors, including charities, care homes, engineering and business services.

“To be honest, I’d never harboured a life-long ambition to be self-employed but I was totally fed up with the politics and inertia in corporate life which I felt were impeding my ability to realise my personal goals and targets. Also, while I was earning a good salary with all the usual benefits, my income was always going to be limited at the top end if I stayed in the corporate world. My wife had been running her own business very successfully since 2000, becoming incorporated in 2004, so we had some experience of what self-employment involved as well as a strong belief that it could give me back the control of my life and earning potential I craved, especially if I took the franchising route which would offer a proven business system and a support structure.“

Auditel Success Stories

Brunelcare‘At Brunelcare we are constantly striving to develop the services, care and facilities we offer to older people. As a charitable housing association, we always look for efficiency gains so we have a heightened awareness that we must spend our money wisely. By reducing our expenditure on electricity and gas Auditel has saved Brunelcare over £100,000. These savings translate into valuable capital which has, in turn, been re-used within our organisation.’
George Cooke, Finance Director

Total Savings to date: £105,500

Another push factor in Chris’ decision was a wish to spend more time with his family. “Our daughter was only three when I started my Auditel business and one of my main criteria when looking for the right business opportunity was to be able to spend more time with her. I looked at retail opportunities alongside Auditel but they required a huge investment of time as well as money and wouldn’t have given me the work life balance I was looking for. I also felt that Auditel, as a professional white-collar opportunity, would allow me to work in a commercial environment which is more suited to my skills and temperament.”

So, would Chris go back to working for someone else?

“I don’t think I could. Building my business has been hard work and it takes a lot of persistence and belief in the business system to sign clients and build business relationships but being an Auditel consultant has given me all the flexibility I wanted in my lifestyle and I earn a very good living (£80,000 in my second year of operation) for considerably less work than before. One of our main ambitions as a family was to move to a house in the country – we were living in Windsor when I started my business – and we achieved this when we moved to our dream Elizabethan farmhouse in Gloucestershire. The great thing, of course, is that because Auditel consultants aren’t restricted geographically and because I can work from home I was able to just pick the business up and take it with me.”