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Daryn Dodge

darynDaryn, who’s based in Cornwall, has been an Auditel consultant since 2001 and has never regretted his decision to give up a top job with a US software company and buy an Auditel franchise. Daryn was an IT programme manager with BT when he was headhunted by a Colorado-based software giant to run its European operation but the glamour soon began to fade.

“The money was incredible and I loved the responsibility but my personal life didn’t figure anywhere.I had three young daughters but never seemed to see them and it didn’t take long to realise there’s more to life than just collecting Air Miles.“

Auditel Success Stories

Whiting & Partners‘As a partnership we passionately believe in our role as trusted advisers to our clients. Our success depends on theirs and we work hard to build a good relationship with every one of them. Working intimately with SME’s and the individuals who run them we have a pretty good understanding of their needs and most tell us that the two resources they really need are more time and more money. When we saw the excellent results that Daryn and his team were able to achieve for us, we quickly realised that Auditel could be a very valuable service for our clients too. We’re delighted to be working with Auditel and are proud to have added another innovative service to our portfolio.’
Michael Caddock, Managing Partner at Whiting & Partners

Total Savings to date: £70,000

There were problems at work too. “I had lots of ideas which I knew could benefit the organisation but constant interference by the parent company made things very frustrating. The final straw was when we lost a multi-million pound contract because we couldn’t agree over bringing in a designer.”

At this point Daryn decided it was time to take charge of his life and leave corporate life behind, not that he took the decision lightly.

““Giving up a very lucrative job when you have a young family is a big decision and I knew I had to get it right. So, I sat down and made two lists. The first was a list of personal life goals, such as wanting a change of lifestyle, wanting to take control of my own destiny, wanting to spend more time with my family and so on. I still look at this list from time to time, just to make sure I don’t lose sight of why I’m doing what I do. The second list was 20 criteria my business would have to meet, including a long-term future, the ability to operate from home, flexible hours and compatibility with a social life!”

Bearing all this in mind, it was clear that a franchise would offer Daryn and his family more security and a greater chance of long-term success than starting a stand-alone business. So, armed with his lists of exacting criteria Daryn went to the BFA membership list and painstakingly analysed each of the opportunities listed.

“The only one that met all my key criteria was Auditel and I’ve never regretted my decision to join the network. In fact, if I had the chance to wind back the clock I’d make the same decision again because Auditel has exceeded all my expectations. That’s not to say there haven’t been challenges along the way and nobody should be under any illusion that buying a franchise is a substitute for hard work and commitment, but there’s lots of support available from the Head Office team and the Network to help you over the bumps and the financial and personal rewards are worth it.”

But, has being a franchisee given him the stability and security he wanted?

“Friends who still work for big firms ask me whether I ever feel worried about working for myself and I can honestly tell them I’ve never felt more secure than I do now, as my future is completely within my control. Because I receive 50% of the savings and refunds I implement for my clients over a fixed period I can always calculate my minimum income for two or three years ahead. Last year my turnover was £90k and my business plan for the next five years is very simple: to build on the client relationships I’ve already developed and broaden the range of expenditure categories I manage.”

Asked whether he’d consider going back into employment, Daryn’s answer is typically emphatic and unambiguous,“No way, José! This is definitely my last job”