Huge demand for cost management and carbon solutions see full training course for Auditel

‘Auditel Business Community’ Winter induction training programme full with five new starters and limited places remaining on January/February 2023 course

Tough economic circumstances and increasing environmental pressures are both driving demand in Auditel’s high-quality procurement, cost reduction and carbon solutions as Member Firms (Franchise Partners) of the Auditel Business Community  deliver fantastic results and impact positively for clients and the planet.

Auditel can support organisations in becoming verified carbon neutral in a measurable, meaningful and potentially self-funding way – and this is an extremely powerful client proposition.” explains Nick Tubb, Auditel Head of Partner Recruitment.

He continues “A growing range of drivers are behind organisations starting their own carbon reduction and management programmes as they seek to become Carbon Neutral and, in the long-term, achieve Net Zero Carbon.  This can be partly or fully funded through cost savings made throughout the business, all managed and delivered by Auditel Partner’s using the resources across the 100-strong network.

With clear long-term demand and such a strong opportunity there is ongoing and increasing interest from individuals, partnerships and small businesses in joining Auditel in becoming a ‘Member Firm’ of the Auditel Business Community.  So much so, that Auditel’s forthcoming training programme starting at the end of November is fully subscribed and places are being reserved on the January/February induction programme.

Tubb explains “I am speaking with a wide variety of people who have diverse backgrounds and this helps increase the talent pool within the Auditel network.  Whilst many are particularly interested in developing expertise in delivering carbon reduction and management, others have backgrounds in certain sectors or industries, such as Telecoms, Logistics, Energy Management and Catering. Some people have broader experience in operations or business development too, so you don’t need to have a specific area of expertise.”

He adds “I’m delighted that joining us in late November we have people from a wide range of backgrounds spread throughout the UK, and I know they are looking forward to getting started and ‘hitting the ground running’ in the New Year. We limit induction programmes to five people on each course in order that we can provide and deliver the right balance of support to all new Partners.”

Mark Appleton, Auditel PartnerOne of the latest new Partners joining this month is Cheshire-based Mark Appleton.  Mark conducted a thorough exploration process before deciding to join Auditel.  He says “I’m very excited to be joining the Auditel Business Community.  I have had a versatile career in the corporate world plus my own successful businesses that I have grown and sold.  I can see that the Auditel model and services are a strong proposition for organisations to benefit from today.  I have been involved in the renewable energy sector during my career and I want to continue to play my part in the fight against Climate Change. It’s clear that through Auditel I can make this impact whilst also developing expertise in the carbon reduction sector which I’m very excited about too.  I can’t wait to get started.”

Ric Pinheiro, Auditel PartnerAuditel also welcome Chesterfield-based Ric Pinheiro.  On making his decision to become a Partner within the Auditel Business Community he explained “I’m looking forward to beginning my Auditel business.  I explored several other franchise opportunities, however the structure of Auditel’s approach, the strong network of franchisees and head-office team and the laser focus business model made it stand out from the beginning. The wide variety of people within Auditel that I had the privilege of speaking to demonstrated the shared passion and drive to make a difference through carbon and cost reduction and it matches my own intent to develop a business that delivers a positive impact in our world.  I am eager to start the training at the end of the year and launch in the New Year.”

Also joining the training is Chris from Lincolnshire, who has a background in IT Consulting and looking to leverage this experience alongside learning new sectors as an Auditel Partner.  In addition there is Ben, from London, a technology and communications specialist, and a fifth new Partner to complete the full course of five.

Tubb adds “Looking ahead we already have one new Partner confirmed for our January/February training and a number of other candidates currently working through their due diligence as part of our own selection process.  This is extremely important for both parties that it is completed carefully and fully. We need candidates to speak with a number of existing Partners of differing experience as part of this process, as well as meeting the key members of the Auditel support and leadership team too Ultimately this is a long-term partnership we are creating so it has to be the right fit on both sides, as we both want the same thing – your Auditel business to be a great success!

To find out more about each of the options, contact Nick today via or by scheduling a call, or log into the Exploration Portal

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