Glad to be back at work? Maybe it’s time to start your own business


Ah, Christmas!  For many in the corporate world the festive season presents an opportunity for some much-needed time off.  Sadly, it’s over all too soon and the return the desk often feels like barely a day has passed since you went away……are you glad to be back?!

If you have that ‘back here again’ feeling, then maybe it’s time you sought a new career, a new challenge that can give you the benefits of all your hard work rather than lining the pockets of your boss.  You could achieve the success you’ve always desired in running your own business with Auditel, one of the UK’s most recognised and respected ‘white collar’ franchises, with over 25-years’ experience in training and supporting people into self-employment with a proven business model.

Lots of people have been in the position you are now, frustrated with corporate life, and whether it has come about through redundancy or simply the overwhelming desire to take control and make the change, Auditel has provided them with the complete package to achieve the success they were looking for.  But don’t just take our word for it, you’ll be able to speak with franchisees who have been where you are now and quite likely felt like you are feeling.  Here’s just a few comments from some about why they took the next step into self-employment:

“My strategic long-game is to build a business which optimises the use of my time and gives me the right lifestyle. At the moment, it’s busy being new but ongoing, I see it affording me the balance I want. I haven’t got into this for an easy lifestyle now, it’s for an easier, leveraged lifestyle later!”
Peter Lewis


Ravi Khakhria - Auditel Franchise Owner

“I didn’t want to miss out on my children growing up! I was also looking to progress professionally but had started to become a little disillusioned with the industry; it wasn’t what it had once been, and I’d lost the love for my work.”
Ravi Khakhria


I’m fulfilling lifelong ambitions and Auditel has played a key role in that. I’ve got a stable, profitable business with a great team behind me, and financially I am in a better position than I would be if I was still in full-time employment.”
David Kendall


Having walked the corporate life for over 20 years, I was done with corporate politics. Throughout the first five years of my son’s life I had barely seen him. There was no control over my working day when I was an employee. Now, I am in control of my destiny, my diary and my workload.
Gillian Gibbon

So, before you take out your frustrations on your computer, consider the benefits of starting an Auditel business of your own, and join 100+ likeminded individuals who’ve taken the leap of faith into self-employment before you.

To find out more about how Auditel can help you achieve the career you want, please contact us to request our franchise information content, or call Nick Tubb directly on 01962 893067 or email

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