Facing redundancy?

How Auditel can hold the key to future success

Many people who are being or have been made redundant from senior management and director-level positions within ‘white collar’ business sectors have found a fresh start with Auditel, one of the UK’s longest established and highly successful business franchise opportunities.

Use your skills and experience to build a business with Auditel

With a network of around 100 franchised consultants Auditel has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise across all areas of expenditure, enabling each Auditel franchisee to offer an holistic ‘broad scope’ service to all kinds of organisations to ensure they achieve best value in their procurement and supply chain management.

Since 1994, Auditel has served over 3000 UK clients making considerable impact on bottom-line profitability. Beyond this, Auditel affiliates establish great relationships with clients based on success and trust, and this relationship enables Auditel to look deeper inside our client’s operation and to explore how process improvement in this current era of the 4th Industrial Revolution opens the door to business transformation projects as new technology changes the shape of the British workplace.

Over 25 years, Auditel have helped many people into self-employment with their award-winning training and support programme. Recognised as a ‘Franchisor of the Year’ finalist on no less than 4 occasions in the past decade alone by the British Franchise Association, Auditel offer a complete business model to help you start, grow and achieve the results you desire from running your own business.

Why join Auditel?

Earn what you are worth and benefit directly from the hard work you undertake

Gain control with more flexibility – choose who you work with, control your time.

Use your skills and experience to really make a difference to other organisations

Bring your expertise to add to the Auditel talent pool

Gain respect and recognition from clients for improving their profitability and business operations

Be part of a collaborative network who support one another and share knowledge

Be fully trained and supported every step of the way utilising an extensively proven complete business system

You’ll be in business for yourself but never by yourself

Turn a difficult time into the springboard for success

We understand that redundancy can be an unexpected and unwelcome circumstance, but it can also be the catalyst to making a change for the better.  Take control and achieve success, and like so many Auditel franchised affiliates who can testify to the benefits of the Auditel business, use the Auditel franchise opportunity to create the business you’ve always desired.

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