Induction Training programme expanded to support new Franchise Partner businesses

No price increase despite expansion of training and support to Auditel network

Auditel have announced a series of new developments to it’s induction programme, to benefit new Auditel Franchise Partners with even better training and support.  Better still, there have been no price increase in 2024, meaning both initial entry fee and monthly management fees stay the same for this year.

Auditel co-owner and Managing Director,Chris Aston

Auditel co-owner and Managing Director, Chris Aston

“We are so confident of success for our Member Firms (Franchise Partners) that we have absorbed rising costs of having more resources, trainers, training days, online courses, and supporting content without passing these onto the new Partners. Instead, we are investing in their long-term success and our own also.” Says Chris Aston, Managing Director of Auditel,

He continues “The premise of a successful franchise relationship is that both parties benefit, and so we are striving to make our franchise Partners successful on the basis that as they reach their income goals, the percentage value that they pay to Auditel will, in turn, be worth more to us.  It’s a win-win, the more we can help you to succeed, the more lucrative your business and the more profitable the commercial relationship. If you want to earn £150,000 per year, or more, we want to help you get there!”

One of the improvements for 2024 is the expansion of the Initial Training which is now spread over a six-week window, making it one of the most extensive induction programmes in the UK franchise industry.

An initial week focussed on ‘Business initiation, client acquisition and marketing’ is followed by a window of three weeks for your Auditel business ‘Marketing Launch’.  The intention is that by the time you then pick up with technical training about how to do carbon and procurement projects in weeks five and six, you may already have appointments with prospective clients being generated, and your spectrum of marketing activities can continue without disruption whilst you focus on the next areas of learning.

Other new developments or expanded activities at Auditel for the benefit of both new and existing Partners includes:

  • Expansion of the Head Office Support team with new staff members
  • Weekly ‘lunch and learn’ sessions, allowing CPD of new tools, technology, services and general training to be delivered to the network in ‘bite-sized’ chunks.
  • Monthly ‘Supplier Showcases’ to enable first class suppliers to present industry updates, new solutions or provide advice and awareness.
  • Expansion of sub-groups for development of different specialisations within Auditel, such as Energy savings analysts, or specialist areas with carbon solutions, such as a team looking at PAS 2080 to do with carbon management in the built environment.
  • New software tools including a major new launch of software reporting tools to further improve Auditel carbon footprint and reduction plan reporting.

Aston exclaims “The Auditel Business Community is really developing strongly.  Client demand is driving business success, and we need to continue growing to meet this demand.  We want to support new Member Firms within the Auditel Business Community to achieve their personal ambitions of self-employed success within the Auditel framework and will strive to help everyone in growing their business to reach their goals.”

To find out more about how you can make a real difference in the fight to reduce the impact of climate change, and build a successful business of your own, enquire here to find out more, or contact

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