‘It made so much sense that I’ve started my own Auditel business!’

Graeme McKinnon who has been working with Auditel as a sales trainer for over 2 years, has joined forces with a colleague to take on an Auditel Franchise

Graeme, whose new business launched in March, explains why now in the middle of a pandemic is the right time to take on an Auditel Franchise.

Now is the perfect time to take on an Auditel Franchise

With the events of the last year, sadly there will be a lot of companies who have found themselves in really very tricky situations that may need help with for example reducing costs and running their business more efficiently.

I’ve spent about 16 years in franchising with eight of those years spent in cost and strategic management supporting franchisees. I know from personal experience the challenges and rewards franchising can bring and how important it is right now for businesses to receive the best consultancy services regarding procurement, strategic procurement and cost management they can.

Working and training with Auditel

I’ve been working with Auditel for a while now providing sales training to new franchises in the classroom and currently via online video, so I know first-hand what a fantastic comprehensive, training and support programme Auditel offer to their franchise partners. The initial training is split into pre-training, classroom and home-based activities, then a support programme follows with weekly calls, continued professional development, access to extensive marketing resources and much more.

One thing that I have learned over the years when working on multiple projects and with different businesses is what good and bad franchising looks like. There has always been a need for good consultancy services on procurement, strategic procurement and cost management to help businesses buy better, and even today, when you look at the current market, there are so many cost reduction players who offer a very standard, very simple approach to save companies money, but don’t consider the company’s overall strategy and what they want to achieve.  But Auditel does.

Chris Allison AuditelChris Allison, Auditel’s Executive Chairman says, “I was delighted to have Graeme join the team as our Sales trainer as he strengthened our very experienced network support team. Having been a CEO of two large franchise brands himself Graeme understands what it takes to build a successful franchise.  After a long career as franchisor it is pleasing that Graeme and Scott have chosen to become part of the Auditel family as franchisees. We look forward to many rewarding years ahead.”

The winning Auditel approach

Auditel have a much more holistic approach across a whole programme of work, rather than just saving money on a particular aspect of the business. They have a network of specialists that can look at the whole picture rather than one particular area and can bring this expertise to the client and deliver a huge amount of value.  Not only will there be cost savings, but Auditel can also add value by streamlining processes, helping with tenders and leveraging deals with suppliers. Auditel deliver projects for a client that can make a huge difference. These are typically on areas of cost in a business which are very often viewed by clients as inconsequential and in their mind not worth spending the time on, or they don’t have the internal expertise.

Our franchise business model will focus on winning and managing clients and we will also bring in other expertise from within the Auditel network of specialists too, whether it be fleet, waste, packaging, utilities or telecoms etc. We have the same values and goals as Auditel – passionate in what we believe in and wanting to make a difference.

Motivation, communication and hard work will bring plenty of rewards

Any success I’ve had in my career and particularly in sales, I put down to being taught early on in nursing when my career began when I had to forge relationships and build trust quickly. My franchise partner Scott Doak and I have known each other for over 35 years and as he comes from an accountancy background, our different skill sets complement each other, plus we also have the ability to put ourselves in the ‘clients’ shoes.’ It goes without saying that you need to be motivated, prepared to put in the hard work, have the ability to listen to and learn from the client and be a good communicator.”

Making a difference

What drives me is being able to really make a difference to whoever ‘I’m working with.  I like working with clients who believe in what I believe in, in terms of approach.  I want to offer long-term value rather than a ‘quick fix’ which means a long-term view and long-term thinking for stability and growth. I want to make savings for the client of course, and for some clients that’s reinvesting in the things that matter.  That’s the biggest reward for me.”

To find out more about taking the step to becoming an Auditel franchise partner, please contact Auditel today on 01962 893067, or by email recruitment@auditel.co.uk.

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