Join the homeworking revolution

A survey of 500 small businesses by telecoms company O2 shows that since the beginning of the year nearly 10% have chosen not to renew the lease on their office or business premises, deciding instead to work remotely from home. They estimate that over 400,000 small businesses have stopped paying for premises since the onset of the credit crunch in November 2007 and that almost two thirds of those still working from a dedicated business premises are seriously thinking about quitting them within the year.

Of the 500 companies surveyed by O2 62% cited cost cutting as the main reason behind moving back home, while the possibility of a recession and hard times ahead mean many are also reluctant to commit to long-term leases or rental contracts. The natures of many small businesses – consultancies like Auditel for instance – are also ideally suited to flexible working hours and the use of mobile technology, while not having fixed premises has little or no affect on their client relationships. 80% of businesses operating from home premises feel that their customers are unconcerned about the lack of ‘official’ office premises. 

Simon Devonshire, head of O2 SME marketing, said: “Developments in technology and mobile communications are enabling businesses to be flexible and respond very quickly to changes in the market place. Getting rid of the office relieves many small businesses of a major overhead very quickly and shows a rapid response to current economic pressures.”

The benefits of working from home are well-documented of course – low start-up costs, minimal overheads, no commute and a better work-life balance to name but four – which our consultants have been enjoying for nearly 15 years. 




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