5 steps to successfully build a lifestyle business to suit you

Deciding to take control of your life is the first step to making it happen. With the support of a proven franchise opportunity like Auditel, it becomes clearer how to achieve the kind of work-life balance you are searching for.

Taking back control over your working life may seem out of reach. But the opportunities presented through franchising provide a route to run your own business with the support and expertise from a proven business model, like Auditel. Allowing you to work for your own benefit, rather than the benefit of your employer.

Gordon BrearleyGordon Brearley, set up his Auditel business in 2007, when he took early retirement at the age of 50. Since making the decision to invest in his Auditel franchise, Gordon has experienced 10 years of successful business growth, and has recently renewed his license for the next 5 years. Based on his experiences with Auditel, here are 5 steps you can follow to successfully build the lifestyle business you want.

Use what you know, to be your own boss

There is a required level of skills, and personal application in any business start-up. Using what you already know, is one of the crucial elements for success, especially if choosing to change careers later in life.

Gordon explains, “I had a background in banking, which is a very hierarchical, conservative business. Over my 32 years, I had been in most departments, and reached senior management level. Auditel encouraged me to use what I knew, and offered me the necessary training and support I was lacking for the initial business start-up. This gave me a clear target of clients I required and the skills to work with them to accelerate their business performance.”

Find the franchise which suits you and the life you want

The high-calibre professionals who invest in Auditel, agree on one thing: The award-winning Auditel model, is flexible and versatile, offering a wide-choice for how to run a business. Many choose to operate from home, while others utilise the full-range of business and analytical tools Auditel provides, in order to become a multi-fee business which employs staff. There is no right or wrong way to running your business – it comes down to what suits both your personal and business goals. But essentially, value is added to the Auditel network, as franchisees work together, often joint-venturing on projects to deliver unrivalled services for clients.

After his lengthy time in banking, Gordon says he was ready for a change of direction. “I did try a couple of very different businesses when I first took early retirement,” he says, “But I was fortunate in that I came across Auditel and everything fell into place.”

Take advantage of all the training and support offered by your franchise

Training session with Auditel FranchiseesThere are challenges to starting a business, even with the support and backing of a well-known franchisor. You can give yourself the best start to your business by listening to their guidance and following their model. Auditel’s award-winning business model has been successfully replicated by over 160 business management specialists, serving more than 3,000 clients across most sectors. They offer new franchisees a 5-year mentoring programme, alongside the extensive support and more than 78 days of training each year. As a result, Auditel was awarded the coveted British Franchise Association (bfa) Franchisee Support Award, and shortlisted for the Franchisor of the Year award – a proven example of their dedication to their franchisees.

“After receiving the excellent training from Auditel I found it easier than anticipated to build my business. The easiest aspect was finding the savings for my clients, whilst the most challenging, was finding the clients in the first place. However, Auditel provided a lot of support, so I could succeed in even my most challenging area.”

Be proactive and reap the reward of your effort

Successful members of the Auditel network have previous business management experience, strong business development skills, motivation to work for themselves, and ambition to build a profitable business. It is a combination of these qualities which means Auditel franchisees offer unique perspectives and insight into businesses’ profitability and growth. As a result, they become invaluable, outsourced board-level members of the companies they serve, whilst enjoying the benefits of working for themselves.

“I knew from experience, the key to success is activity.” says Gordon. “Auditel provided me with a solid foundation – the business plan, the training, the tools and resources – but it was up to me to actively find clients. The benefit to me is the strength of a business has given me greater flexibility to manage my portfolio as I want. My clients know they can trust both me, and the Auditel brand I represent, to make effective and informed procurement decisions for the benefit of their business.”

Live the life you want with greater flexibility

“Essentially,” Gordon explains, “What I put into my business is what I will gain from it. The benefit is that I am not beholden to anyone. I don’t owe anyone my time. If I want to enjoy time with my grandchildren, I can. If I want to take a few hours away from working, to enjoy shopping with my wife, I can. My work is easily compartmentalised and diarised, so I can work whenever it suits me. I enjoy what I do and have control over how I live each day. For me, this was the biggest measure of success for my business.”

To find out more about how you can take back control of your life, and work for yourself instead of others, please contact Fiona Steels on: 01962 893068 or email: Fiona.Steels@auditel.co.uk

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