Making a difference in just 2 weeks!

Making a difference in just 2 weeks!

Over 30 members of the Auditel franchisee community made good use of their lockdown time recently by attending another of the Auditel ‘best practice’ webinar series. This webinar introduced one of the latest members to the Auditel network, Scott Ingham, who has already delivered significant results for one delighted Auditel client.

Scott is no stranger to the cost management market having successfully run his own specialist insurance cost management business for almost 20 years. During that time Scott and his team have worked with hundreds of clients in conducting specialist reviews of insurance costs. As a previous franchisee of Expense Reduction Analysts, he is also very used to working with a network of self-employed partners.

Scott says “I see joining with Auditel as the best of both worlds for myself and my team at Matrix Global Solutions. The Auditel network offer us a readymade professional route to market for our particular expertise but in a relax community that has not been over corporatised. This means we can remain flexible and true to our own brand while potentially reaching hundreds of new clients through the Auditel brand”.

The Matrix Global team hit on almost immediate success when just weeks after joining, a current client of an existing Auditel member was hit with the prospect of a £600,000 increase in their insurance costs. Such an increase represented as major threat to the viability of the client’s business, so they quickly turned to their long-standing Auditel partner who had helped them in the procurement of other cost areas. A few phone calls later and Scott was on the case. After just 2 weeks Scott and his team are now looking to save the client over £360,000, a potentially business-saving move!

Chris Aston, Managing Director of Auditel said “We are so delighted to have Scott and this team as part of the Auditel community we are all working so hard to build. By continuing to focus our franchisee recruitment on quality people who fit with our culture we not only help ourselves but enable our existing franchise partners to make even more profit through leveraging the skills and experience of others”.

Auditel continue to innovate and strengthen their offering to meet the changing needs of clients in a post CV-19 world. The addition of Scott and this team means all franchise partners now have yet another cost area solution at time when many clients will be facing massive change to insurance costs. These changes are due to changed risk profiles, very different business models to pre CV-19 and a generally hardening insurance market.

Mike Andrews, Auditel franchisee says “I personally think the addition of Scott to the Auditel community is great for my business. I can think of dozens of prospects and clients who could use help reducing insurance costs and can see this new solution adding significant revenue to my business

Auditel continue to look for new partners to join the network. “Aside from people or businesses with specific category expertise like Scott’s I am also looking for people to join us who just want to win and manage the client relationship. They can then build very profitable businesses by leveraging the skills of the many different experts we have in the Auditel community.” Says Nick Tubb, Head of Partner Recruitment for Auditel.

Anyone interested in learning more about how they or their business might fit with the Auditel community should contact Nick Tubb directly on 01962 893067 or can ‘schedule a call’ when mutually convenient.

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