Auditel Partner Business Opportunities

The Auditel Business Community is made up of over 100 ‘Member Firms’ (or ‘Partners’) who run their own businesses as part of a network who all operate under a franchised business structure. 

Whether as individuals on a part-time or full-time basis, as a partnership, or as a ‘Practice’ with multiple staff and potentially premises, Auditel offers an award-winning opportunity ready to support you in achieving the success you desire.

A franchise business model is a partnership where you work for yourself but not by yourself. We work together and our mutual success is interdependent.

We support you in realising the objectives you desire whether that be a great work/life balance, six-figure income, or more control and flexibility, whilst making a real difference to organisations and becoming a valued and trusted advisor. You will have a business to be really proud of , having a positive impact on the planet!

Associate Partner Business

For Individuals

The Associate Partner Business model has been created to provide greater flexibility and consideration for those seeking to become part of the Auditel Business Community with the intent to run a part-time business, either to support a greater ‘lifestyle balance’, or as part of a portfolio career, alongside other activities, such as Non-Executive Director roles, part-time work or self-employment.

So, if you are seeking a business where you would like to really make a difference to your clients, and the planet, and manage a small portfolio of clients on a part-time basis, perhaps just a couple of days a week on a longer term basis, then the Associate Partner Business is likely the ideal model for you.

For Existing Businesses

If you have an existing business that has complimentary services to those offered by Auditel, then there is a natural opportunity for you to be able to introduce Auditel’s services into your clients, most likely by collaborating with other Auditel Partners under ‘joint venture’ fee-sharing arrangements, usually where you are bringing in others to undertake the project work.

However, you can also bring your expertise and knowledge to Auditel’s existing clients too, again under joint venture arrangements but where you are delivering projects for others’ clients.

We would work with you with a different perspective on marketing. Rather than focussing as much on developing new ‘external’ clients, you would be seeking to build relationships and educate others within the Auditel Business Community to explore opportunities for your expertise and servcies within their own clients.

Full Partner Business

Develop a Fantastic Auditel Business

The tradition Auditel business model, develop a fantastic business that you are in full control of – developing a portfolio of clients providing cost management, procurement and carbon solutions.

Play to your strengths and harness the expertise of others. Whether your are more of a specialist, with expertise in one or several cost areas or sectors, or are more adept to business development and client management, you’ll see how within Auditel, there are different ‘pathways to success’.  So, not only are there different business models that can suit your goals and objectives, so the nature of how you focus your business can be suit your skillsets and interests too.

Starting as a Partnership

Auditel is a great business to develop as a partnership.  Whether a family partnership or a conventional buisness partnership, Auditel have many success stories of pairings that have developed great businesses.  The Full Partner Business model includes full training course for one or two people (doesn’t have to be at the same time).

Developing an Auditel Practice

Whilst for many, the appeal of an Auditel business is the flexibility and control that comes from running a home-based business, with income levels that can still exceed £200k per year and working within the collaborative network using ‘joint ventures’ with other franchise partners to deliver Auditel services to clients, others would prefer to build a more conventional business.

As your business grows, so you can employ staff to cover all facets of the business, from business devlopment to project delivery (specialist joint venture expertise will still be required for certain projects).  Eventually, your Auditel business can ‘work for you’, where you are overseeing your venture, with staff delivering the day-to-day aspects.  This style of business can also be sold in a conventional manner too, so you are building an asset as part of a longer-term exit plan.

Play to your strengths, benefit from the strengths of others

People become Auditel Partners from a diverse array of backgrounds ensuring the Auditel network has a rich tapestry of experience and skill sets. You do not need to have a ‘specialisation’, and nobody is a ‘complete all-rounder’.

If you love winning business and maintaining client relationships, an Auditel Partner Business can be perfect for you, just as if you have twenty-five years’ experience in logistics or packaging, for example.

A great benefit within Auditel is the collaboration between Partners. You can play to your strengths whilst harnessing the skills and expertise of others. This means you can focus on what you do best and enjoy, without leaving ‘skills gaps’ in your business.

Explore the multiple benefits of an Auditel Business

A better work/life balance

Enjoy control, flexibility with great training & support

Make a positive difference to the planet!

Fantastic RoI & Potential to earn £200k+pa

Low overheads, high proftability

Flexibility to expand - Build a business that works for you!

Auditel Partner Business Model Packages

Nearly 30 years of experience ensures that the modern day Auditel Partner package gives you everything you need to thrive.  Over the lifetime of your Auditel business, your initial investment could be a fragment of your return – you are investing in your future success and long-term benefits.

Full Partner Business

Initial Investment: £40,000+VAT
Management Fees: From £395 per month or 12.5% of turnover whichever is greater.

(Using finance support options, you’ll need approx min £12000 personal funding)

Associate Partner Business

Initial Investment: £20,000+VAT
Management Fees: £295 per month plus 20% of turnover.

Upgrade: As your business grows, you can upgrade to the Full Partner Business model, paying the difference between the initial investment fees, plus a small upgrade premium.

Bank Funding

Bank Funding covering up to 75% of your total start-up cost, including working capital to support you during the growth phase, is available from main franchise banks.

The Government-backed British Business Bank offer personal loans for business start-up purposes of up to £25,000 at a fixed rate of just 6%.  It is possible therefore to get 100% funding of the initial investment for an Associate Partner Business via this source.  Schedule a call for more info.


What are you looking for in starting a new business?

  • A business that thrives in all economies (yes, even a pandemic!)
  • Work flexibly from home, no need for premises?
  • Being a part of a collaborativee network playing to your strengths and benefitting from others?
  • Scalability to grow a larger business with staff, if you wish to?
  • No ceiling on what you can earn, with scope to earn a significant six-figure annual income?
  • A business with low running costs, and high profitability?
  • Being away from corporate politics, work travel and wasted time?
  • A business to be truly proud of, making a positive difference to the planet?

If the above sound appealing, then Auditel could be the ideal opportunity for you, so start your exploration today, and complete the enquiry form.


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